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Alix cosmeceuticals
Alix Cosmeceuticals is a new-to-me skincare brand that joins the extensive ranks of natural New Zealand skincare companies, and one of many natural local brands available from Pure Nature. It’s actually a pretty neat story—Pure Nature is the retail store of Pure Ingredients, an ingredients supplier (duh), where they sell products from some of the brands they supply ingredients to. As well as stocking Alix, they also sell blogger favourite Tailor skincare, and an indie makeup brand called RoVie.

I’m eternally curious about the origins and ingredients of products, so this is a super interesting insight to me. I really want to get a better understanding of cosmetics formulation (something I’ll be working on later in the year, hopefully) … and I’m also just super nosy. Pure Nature also stock natural skincare brands like Weleda and Sukin.

So how do the Alix products stack up?

Alix Nutritive and Gentle Makeup Remover*, $28.90

Alix makeup remover

Cleansing oils have gained in popularity over the past few years and, while you could just use a lug of olive oil from the bottle next to the stove, there’s something nicer about a specialised product. The Alix Makeup Remover is based on camellia seed, meadowfoam, jojoba and camelina seed oils with coconut oil. It contains tocopherol which is a Vitamin E antioxidant, although there’s little evidence to suggest it does much for your skin (it’s like all the marketing around Bio-Oil—mostly garbage). Alix doesn’t make any spectacular claims about the Vitamin E in this remover, though. Its function is to remove makeup, which is does very successfully.

I would always follow a cleansing oil with a second cleanse, particularly if you’ve used it to remove makeup. People with drier skins might find that they don’t need to, and that they can use this on its own as a night-time cleanse (I wish!)

Alix Body Wash for Face, Skin and Hair*, $34.90

Alix body wash

I always find it a bit hard writing about body washes because, well, they’re a body wash and they either do or don’t wash your body. This one’s a bit different in that it’s safe to use across your whole body—skin, face and hair. I haven’t braved it on my hair because I have a very particular hair-washing situation at the moment, but for everything else it gets my seal of approval. It’s quite runny, which is mitigated by the pump (so handy, can all shower things have a pump?). The packaging talks about cleansing sugars, which I don’t know a lot about and can’t find much on because if you google ‘cleansing sugars’ all you get is people trying to get you to cut sugar out of your diet (ugh, why). BUT it seems like they’re just talking about natural surfactants that aren’t as rough as, say, sodium lauryl sulfate.

I’m largely on board with Alix products aside from one thing (actually, two; I wish they wouldn’t use ‘cosmeceuticals’ in their name). Their site boldly asserts that you must throw away your night cream. They say it’s impossible to eat while you’re sleeping; and for the skin it’s the same—something I am quite unprepared to accept. On the other hand, I’m skeptical of, say, Advanced Night Repair‘s ability to do anything to your skin at night that it couldn’t do in the day. Your skin is simply not a different beast day to night. The only difference the time of day should make is that you don’t need to wear sunscreen at night, and you can use things that would make your skin more susceptible to sun damage, like AHAs.

So, I’ll be keeping my night cream, but also keeping an eye on Alix. They do a cute wee vial of pumice called their Alix Exfoliator which you can add to any cleanser to create a gentle scrub. I really like the idea of being able to adjust a scrub’s intensity to your skin’s needs!

Pure Nature has super fast delivery and as well as selling personal care stuff, they also sell all sorts of raw ingredients. They even have pre-made kits you can use to DIY cosmetics, which sound more than a little fun.

What’s your favourite skincare brand that deserves more attention than it gets?




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  • Ughhh cosmeceuticals. I had an argument with a girl on a facebook page about how that meant nothing, but she was studying beauty therapy and thus was unprepared to admit it haha. I love cleansing oils so much, they wash off more easily than just a bottle of whatever oil and are just easier to use. I just finished my latest one and I’m a bit sad about it so I’m going to look into that one when I’m not on a computer that blocks shopping sites.