FOTD | MAC Versicolour Stain


Just a quick one today—a recent Face of the Day to remind you I have a real face. This was from the weekend when I was playing around with a few new MAC products, namely the Future MAC Mineralize Eye Quad* in Full Orbit and the Versicolour Stain* in Resilient Rouge.

It might be that the red in these photos is bringing out the red in my skin but I think this look could do with a bit more coverage. As much as I try to embrace the lighter-coverage skin thing, I don’t think I’ll be entirely comfortable with it until I get rid of more of my redness.


These Versicolour Stains are really interesting—as you can see they go on with a lot of pigment and glossiness, but you can blot them down for a more subtle wash of colour. The staying power is on the pathetic side of miserable however; despite the name there’s not a lot of stain happening. After eating there was no trace of this red left on my lips at all! You could use a lip liner obviously but then you’d just be left with the liner colour and might as well wear a clear gloss over it.

I can’t say I’ll be buying any more Versicolour Stains (I have the red and a pink) but I am interested to at least try them as a cheek colour. MAC doesn’t suggest you use them as this but I’m all for unconventional applications of things so I’ll see how it goes and report back.

The Mineralize shadows were a delight, though (isn’t it weird that MAC spells colour with a u, but Mineralize with a z?) and reintroduced silver to my eyeshadow collection. It’s not a colour I usually put on (at least in part because I didn’t have any, but I’d never gone out of my way to buy any, either) but I like how it looks. I think the coolness of the grey brings out my eyes a little.

I’m going to go have a nose around the MAC site now and see if anything takes my fancy. If I end up shopping then I’ll be back with a haul post soon enough. If you have any MAC recommendations, let me know in the comments!

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  • Imogen

    MAC prolongwear paint pot in groundwork is my ultimate. It’s a cream eyeshadow but I’ve also seen it used as a contour and brow pomade. I slap it on everyday for an easy minimal eye look.

    • That’s a really good idea! I know the taupe Color Tattoo from Maybelline is good for that but I hadn’t thought to try with Groundwork!

  • Coco

    Disappointing that the stain didn’t actually stain!

    • I know! The colours are great though so I can halfway forgive them.

  • I’ve got a pro lip glass thing (Kiss Me Quick or Driven By Love???) and it is very close in colour but it doesn’t come off! Love the shadow on you, obvs it’s so wonderfully smoky bc you on FIRE xoxo