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Sometimes being a blogger means you get to do some pretty special things, and last week was one of those times. MAC are relaunching their makeup services on counters here in New Zealand, and to celebrate they hosted MAC Makeup Parties simultaneously at MAC counters across the country. And I was lucky enough to co-host the Wellington party! MAC invited me to invite five of my friends to join me for 90 minutes of makeup fun.

This is going to be a picture-heavy post, just FYI if you’re on your phone on mobile data or anything!

Chrissy's snapchat photo

When I first got the email about the party I said to Callum “I don’t think I have five friends!” but I guess I managed to scrape some together. After work last Wednesday my friends Amy, Esme, Georgia and Chrissy (pictured left to right above) piled into my tiny car and we headed out to the Hutt to the Queensgate MAC counter. We were greeted with bubbles and delicious treats (below), which we managed to find room for even though we may have made a pit stop at Burger King on the way out.



The way the party works is that each group of three guests works with one MAC artist. My good friend Grace was one of the artists working on the night, which was a lovely bonus! We split up so Georgia, Amy and Esme went with Grace, and Chrissy and I went with Sarika (Greta came to the party too but she was a little late).


Your artist will work with you to show two techniques or treatments on each guest—we could pick from eyes, brows, lips and contour (guests are asked to come with their base makeup on already).


I chose eyes and lips as my areas of focus. I asked Sarika to show me how to do a good smokey eye, because a lot of the time I don’t know where to stop and end up with an excessive mess. She used the Burgundy Times Nine palette and mostly the purple shades (Haux, Sketch) which made my eyes look super green.


I was also introduced to the Prep + Prime 24 hour Extend Eye Base, which is amazing but please don’t ever wear makeup for 24 hours.


Chrissy asked for a neutral eye and a natural contour. Can we just appreciate how wonderful Chrissy’s natural brows are?

On my lips I’m wearing the Mineralize Rich lipstick in Touch the Earth under Mineralize Glass in The Zone, both from the Future MAC collection.


Grace is magical with brows (I mean, she’s magical with all makeup, but especially brows) and gave Esme the most amazing fierce but natural (is that a thing?) brows. I think everyone who was working with Grace asked for eyebrows! Mine look pretty average in comparison. Somehow Amy escaped most of my photography on the night (Amy doesn’t love photos which is silly because she is beautiful).

The main thing I took out of the night was just how fun it is to play makeup with friends in a setting like this. When you’re blogging or watching YouTube videos it’s often a very solitary thing. This was different; there’s not the same pressure to buy as you might feel if you just pop in to a counter (although of course you’ll usually pay a fee, but get the product value as well) and it was equally valuable for the ‘experts’, the makeup obsessed, and the self-professed newbies among us.

I don’t really know what else to say, except to reiterate that it was so, so much fun and I can’t recommend this enough if you’ve got a special occasion and some friends to share it with. I think a lot of people find beauty counters, but particularly MAC, a little intimidating. This is a really nice way to get acquainted with the products, the counter and the artists a little more and to discover how inclusive and welcoming MAC really is.

Lani from Lani Loves was co-hosting on the night, but it was so busy that we barely got to see one another! Here’s a photo of all of us, anyway. If you don’t already read Lani’s blog, you really must—it’s the most comprehensive and thorough blog I read, second only to Temptalia (and Temptalia is Christine’s full-time job, while Lani has two adorable boys to wrangle while she’s at it).

There are a range of other services available on counter if you don’t want to go for the whole thing! Read about them on the New Zealand MAC site.

Would you book for a MAC Makeup Party?

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  • This looks like so much fun! I always love going to MAC events. Unrelated: where’s your dress from? I love it xx

    • It’s Kowtow, one of their building blocks!


  • Ahhhh this looks amazing!!! I would love to have/go to one of these.

    • It was actually incredible, I wish I could have invited all my blogger friends like you guys in Auckland too!

  • Nina

    This looks like such a fun night! I want Chrissy’s eyebrows and your lashes hahaha