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Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set

If you spend any amount of time around here you’ll know how I feel about Jessup brushes, and I felt I owed it to you guys to review another set of their brushes, this time the Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set. This one is a little different to the other sets available, with more natural fibre brushes included. As always, though, it’s a good one, and even if you won’t use every brush in the set, it’s still incredible value.

So we’re talking about the Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set. I don’t know why they have so many different sets with so many different brush styles. This one only comes in the one colour combo—in the product listing it’s called the ’12pcs white hair sets’. The bristles are white, with a silver ferrule and a black plastic-feeling handle with a flat end. Each brush is printed with the Jessup logo on one side and the brush number on the other. Very utilitarian, but that’s fine as they can go incognito in your kit.

This set is around $23 USD, which is currently about $34 NZD because the exchange rate is dismal. That’s still completely reasonable for twelve whole brushes though (remember, one Real Techniques brush can cost thirty dollars here). The seller I’ve linked in this post also offers free worldwide shipping. In my experience it takes about two to three weeks for the brushes to arrive from China, so don’t order them if you’re planning on using them that weekend or anything.

Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set foundation

The Jessup 01 foundation brush is, as you can see here, prone to staining, but that’s not unusual for white synthetic bristles. I find this a great brush for applying skincare and primer to clients as it is quite dense and firm but the bristles themselves aren’t scratchy at all.
Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set shade brush

The Jessup 04 shade brush is another synthetic brush, but this time with much shorter bristles. I don’t really know what this would be used for, as the bristles are too short for foundation and the brush is too flat to use for contouring. It’s one of the duds, in my opinion, but I suppose it’s handy to keep around for when you’ve really run out of clean brushes and need to use something.

Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set cream foundation brush

The Jessup 02 cream foundation brush is a natural fibre brush (labelled as wool, but I imagine it’s goat) at about the same scale as the Real Techniques expert face brush. You can use this for controlled application of foundation or cream products, but you’d want to wash it immediately to avoid damaging the bristles.

Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set cheek brush

The Jessup 06 cheek brush is another natural fibre brush, this time your standard blush size. This is a really useful brush, probably comparable in scale to the Real Techniques multi-task brush, and I rate it for blush and bronzer in particular.

Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set bronzer brush

The Jessup 05 bronzer brush is like a scaled up version of the 06. I’d use it for powder more than bronzer, but if you like a quick and general application of bronzer this would be good for that, too.

Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set comparison

For reference, here’s the shape of the 05, 06 and 02 from left to right.

Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set eye concealer brush

This brush is the Jessup 03 shadow/concealer brush and it can be used for concealer or cream shadows. It’s a synthetic bristle brush in the cat’s tongue style.

Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set eye shadow brush

The Jessup 11 eye shadow brush is a natural hair eyeshadow brush that’s somewhere between a MAC 239 and the cheap fake MAC 217s I’ve bought from eBay before. It’s not quite as dense as a 239 or a typical ‘laying shadow down’ brush, but not as fluffy and tapered as a blending brush.
Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set blending brush

The Jessup 13 eye shadow blend brush is another natural brush, this time (obviously) for blending. It’s bigger than a 217 or equivalent, and doesn’t have the flattened ferrule. This is one I like to use as a final blending brush after I’ve done more detailed work with other brushes.

Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set eye shadow contour brush

The Jessup 12 eye shadow contour brush has short natural bristles cut on an angle. I thought this would be a good brush for using in my brows, because I love angled brushes, but it’s a little big for that. It’s still good for brow powder if you don’t want anything too severe. Otherwise, this is a really good brush for smudging eyeshadow along the lower lashline, or blending out liner if you’re going for a smudgy look.

Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set smoky eye brush

The Jessup 14 smoky eye brush is your classic natural bristle pencil brush, which is always a staple to have on hand. The bristles on this one are slightly longer than usual.
Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set eye liner brush

The Jessup 15 eye liner brush is a very short-bristled flat synthetic brush cut in a rounded shape. I think this might be one of two brushes from this set that I haven’t used at all, although I can see how it would be useful if you like to “carve out” your brows or do other detailed work with cream products.

Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set lip brush

Last up is the Jessup 21 lip brush, which is another dud of the set in my opinion. It’s not poorly made, but the bristles are too long and really too wide to do any controlled lip product application, especially on my narrow lips.

With only three dud brushes from a set of twelve for very little money, the Jessup 12 piece makeup brush set is another decent buy if you’re looking to start your makeup brush collection or pad it out with spares.

If you liked this post, you might like to read my original Jessup brush review post, where I reviewed the 15pc set and the 8pc kabuki set.

Have you used any Jessup brushes? What is your favourite set? Favourite brush?

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