SKIN | Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Pads


Just a wee newsflash today; I showed these on my Instagram a few weeks ago but they’re so great they deserve a blog post too. The Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Pads* are the first easily accessible chemical exfoliant pads on the market in New Zealand–by easily accessible I mean you can buy them in real stores and not just in the big city centres.

You know by now how I feel about chemical exfoliators, or acid toners, or whatever you want to call them. If you don’t, or don’t know about them, you need to get yourself over to my post about them immediately. (It’s easy to find because it’s by far the most popular article on Hyacinth Girl!)

What’s great about the Elizabeth Arden skin illuminating pads is that they’re dedicated exfoliating pads, and not just topical products with a bit of glycolic acid hidden inside. The pads themselves are a little coarse, so you get a bit of physical exfoliation along with it.


The active ingredient is glycolic acid, and at 5% you get enough to actually do something but not so much that it’ll be irritating to most skin types. I find these comparable to the First Aid Beauty exfoliating pads, or the Dr Dennis Gross ones.

Price-wise, $81 for fifty pads isn’t an incredible bargain, but I still rate them: each pad is well-soaked with product, and you could comfortably use half a pad at a time and end up with one hundred pads for $81. Not to mention, Elizabeth Arden is pretty much never not on gift with purchase, which means if you’re smart about your buying you’ll get some free stuff at the same time.

The whole Illuminating range from Elizabeth Arden is great, and really suitable for younger and oiler skin types. Arden skincare can be a little intimidating just because there’s so much of it, and a lot of it is targeted at an aging skin, but the Illuminating range is well worth a look (and affordable, comparatively, as well).

Have you tried any Elizabeth Arden skincare?

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  • Elizabeth Arden is known for its best skincare products. I use a night serum from this range. I am loving it…Would love to try more from this range. I should start saving up…The ingredient- glycolic acid is good especially for people like me with acne. I would like to give this a try! Greta clicks as always…and I love your blog!! <3 Happy weekend Morgan 🙂

  • Ooh good to know about these! I always assumed Elizabeth Arden was more for older skin but this sounds like something I would like.

    • I just wish they were a little bit cheaper!