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Upon organising my makeup desk in yet another way, I rediscovered the Makeup Geek Insomnia pigment and realised how deceptively complex it makes your makeup look. It’s literally the only product on my eyes in these photos, besides mascara, but it looks like I’ve done some seriously skilled stuff. I haven’t!

My face has been buried in the past few posts so if you’re the type of reader who just scrolls through the homepage and never actually clicks into my blog posts, you’d be forgiven for thinking I don’t post my face here much (you won’t be forgiven for not reading everything, though). The other night I had the sudden compulsion to put a lot of makeup on my face (well, I really just needed to take photos for an xoVain article) and it ended up looking pretty decent so I took quite a lot.


On my face I have the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in Opal mixed with Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, which I love and need to write about properly sometime soon. This cocktail is not one I’d recommend, however, or at least not at the ratio I mixed them at, as the Becca highlighter kind of sheered everything out too much and lets lots of redness and texture show through. Hello redness. I am pretty keen on wearing less foundation, though, so I’m trying to accept it.

The Makeup Geek Insomnia pigment is clearly the star of the show here, and literally all I did was wet my brush and press it on my lid, and then use a fluffy brush to blend it out along the edges.


Seriously. Look at it. It makes me want a bunch more duochrome pigments so I can just throw them on and look real hard out. I’ve been looking around, though, and it seems like most brands that sell duochrome pigments only seem to do the same few colours. The red-brown with blue-green shift is super cool, but I don’t need more than one pigment that looks like that. Seems like the second most popular duochrome pigment combination is pink with a gold shift, and I have more than enough eyeshadows that fall in that territory already.

On my lips is MAC Eugenie, which came out in the Giambattista Valli collection last year. Of course it was limited edition, but MAC Sin is virtually identical, and deep lipsticks like this aren’t uncommon anyway.

Genuine question: what is your favourite duochrome eyeshadow? I feel like I need more!

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  • Sarita + Things

    I can’t believe you only used one product on your eyelids!! It looks great! And so does the lipstick. Posts like these don’t bode well for my bank account ha.

    • Thanks! At least the MUG pigment is super affordable!

  • Ohhh yes!! Insomnia looks killer on your brown eyes!

  • holy moly guacamole this looks incredible. like at least 3 shadows on your eyes – i’ve got to invest in some duochromes! great post Morgan xx

    • I need a million more duochromes now!

  • Shinygirl

    MIND BLOWN. This is some Harry Potter level makeup wizardry.

    • I know right! Who would have thought one pigment could be so BAM

  • This looks amazing on you!! It’s like a more amped up version of MAC Club slash the one in the Wet N Wild palette.

    • Thank you! I think the fact it’s a pigment means you can really pile it on, but Club is a good everyday alternative!