FACE | A love letter to Witchery Beauty

Witchery Beauty Hazel eyeshadow palette, lip pencil and cream shadow
This is less a love letter to Witchery Beauty and more so a love letter to Witchery in general, but I don’t do well with outfit posts so we’ll stick to the bits for your face (and an honorable mention to the socks rounding out the photo). I was meant to write this post over a year ago, when the lovely Megan who does PR for Witchery sent me a couple of Witchery Beauty products as a birthday gift. For my twenty-fifth birthday. And I’m now twenty-six.

A year may have passed and I may be a shit blogger but this year for my birthday (Witchery always gives members a $20 voucher for their birthday) I bought some more of their makeup and thought, jesus, I’m buying more of it, I’m well overdue to write about this.

It doesn’t look like they sell the little cream shadow pot anymore, which is a shame because it’s very nice, but it also doesn’t surprise me because it’s one of the things I got at the start of last year. As far as I can remember, it was about $11 which is entirely decent for a cream shadow and a different texture to the Maybelline Color Tattoos (whether’s it’s nicer, it’s hard to say). You can see it has dried up a wee bit but still functions as normal. Best applied with fingers. Hopefully they’ll release something else along these lines sooner or later.

Witchery Beauty Hazel eyeshadow palette swatchesFar left is the cream shadow, the rest are the hazel eyeshadow palette. I did a pretty shoddy job of swatching the shadows because I tried to use tape like real bloggers do and all it did was space out the swatches so they were impossible to photograph successfully. Forgive me.

While we’re on the topic of things that are reasonably priced, let’s talk about the hazel eyeshadow palette. It’s not called anything fancy; I think it’s literally just called ‘eyeshadow palette’, but it is as functional as its name is utilitarian. Five decently-sized, decently-pigmented, decently-textured eyeshadows in decently-functional shades, for $21.90. The middle shade is a super, super neutral boring shade of the type that everyone needs but no one wants to buy, perfect for defining the crease in a ‘no trust me it’s just the way my face goes my eyes are just nice like this’ way. It’s bordered by rosy and golden shimmers, great for all over the lid, and then an additional two matte shades, one very light beige for, I presume, brow-bone highlighting, and one darker brown that’s good for more definition, or crease action if you’re darker-skinned.

The palette comes with a stupid double-ended foam applicator that you should throw away immediately, but forgiving Witchery that minor transgression, for $21.90 per palette their eyeshadow offering should not be overlooked.

I also bought a lip pencil in a nameless colour that turned out a little redder than I expected it to be (I think I thought it was going to be on-trend mauve/nude). It’s that little heart, if you haven’t realised. It’s entirely adequate, but given I’m trying to reduce the scale of my makeup collection, I probably didn’t need it.

Have you tried anything from Witchery Beauty?

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  • oh my god i literally only just found out from reading this post that that’s what beauty bloggers are using to make their swatches so perf. this is a revelation

    • Now all your tidy square swatch dreams can come true!