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Manuka Health manuka honey hand and nail cream, and Wild Ferns New Zealand bee venom eye creme.I got the chance to try out some mānuka honey based beauty products from online store Ashop recently, which came at the perfect time as I was due to discuss mānuka honey in beauty for xoVain (coming up this week!) I hadn’t heard of Ashop before but they’re basically a New Zealand version of iHerb—and we all know how easy it is to spend most of your spare time and money mining the depths of that site. The Manuka Health Manuka Honey hand and nail cream* has been living in my desk drawer at work, and the Wild Ferns Bee Venom eye cream* vying for space on my makeup desk in the morning. I might as well tell you what I think of them!

I want to acknowledge that I received compensation for this post from snip snip. Snip snip might sound like a colloquial term for a vasectomy, but it’s actually a fairly useful coupon shopping site designed to help you find deals. I’m a sucker for a discount and will willingly spend money to save money (I know, not intelligent) so it’s cool to see a site with a NZ coupon focus. The variety isn’t incredible, but they’re working to get more brands involved.

Manuka Health manuka honey hand and nail cream texture

Manuka Health Manuka Honey Hand & Nail Cream

I drink so much water at my desk at work that I can’t not have a hand cream in my drawer. The cycle goes something like this: drink water → go to bathroom → wash hands → dry hands moisturise hands → repeat. (This is a good way to get your micro-pauses in, too.) I thought a hand cream was a hand cream until I realised that your hands are one of the places where texture matters most. I don’t want a film on my hands, I don’t want to feel sticky, and I don’t want to leave greasy marks on everything I touch.

The Manuka Health hand cream does none of those things, and as a bonus, it smells like honey (duh). Mānuka honey is its second highest ingredient, and that helps in speeding up healing. I mean, my hands aren’t covered in open sores or anything, but it does sort out gross cuticle situations pretty quickly.

Wild Ferns New Zealand bee venom eye creme with manuka honey texture

Wild Ferns New Zealand Bee Venom Eye Creme

We can go back and forth about whether eye creams are a real thing forever, but I’m starting to lean towards the yes camp. This eye cream uses a double-whammy of mānuka honey and bee venom. I don’t actually know if I’m allergic to bee stings because I have the fortune to have never been stung, but based on the fact this eye cream hasn’t put me into anaphylactic shock, I don’t think I am. The bee venom is fairly low down the ingredients list of this eye cream, but if you are allergic to bee stings, you should definitely sit this one out.

Aside from bee-derived ingredients, the Wild Ferns eye cream contains Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) which I suspect is actually what makes it effective. The aloe vera also gives anti-inflammatory properties, which is handy if you have puffiness you want to minimise. (I, on the other hand, could do with a bit more puffiness, to eliminate my dark circles.)

These two products aren’t the most revolutionary, but I have been introduced to (yet another) online shopping site to trawl through when I’m bored, as well as another source of discounts and deals. Both of the products mentioned in this post are discounted on Ashop at the moment.

Thanks to snip snip for funding this post—sponsored posts help keep Hyacinth Girl afloat and help fund my shopping addiction, which gives me more stuff to write about and you more stuff to read about.

Where do you go to look for savings while shopping online?

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