FACE | Becca Afterglow vs TheBalm Manizer Sisters

Becca Afterglow vs TheBalm Manizer Sisters palettes

Sometimes I make odd decisions, and one of those odd decisions was buying TheBalm’s Manizer Sisters palette at the same time as ordering the Becca Afterglow palette from Sephora. The three highlighting shades are virtually identical—one golden, one pink and one bronze. I definitely don’t need both, so I thought I’d pit Becca Afterglow vs TheBalm Manizer Sisters to see which one is the victor.

I bought the TheBalm palette from the real physical Beauty Bliss store, which opened in Wellington towards the end of last year. I don’t think they had testers out for all the products (I know people have been shoplifting testers, the little shits) but I didn’t need a tester to know I wanted to buy The Manizer Sisters. I’ve had the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter for years, and it’s fantastic quality.

Becca Afterglow palette vs The Balm Manizer Sisters palette comparison

A Manizer single is $36 NZD for 8.5g, and the palette is $49 for three 3g pans (9g total), so it costs a little more per gram ($5.44 NZD per gram) but you’re getting the convenience of three shades in one. They’re still decent sized pans, and considering I haven’t hit pan on my full-size Mary-Lou Manizer yet, the volume isn’t a problem.

I got the Afterglow palette from Sephora, but you can get them from Beauty Bliss too, for $72 NZD. Each pan in this palette contains between 1.4–1.6g, so the total weight is 7.4g—less than TheBalm, but it costs more. You’re ending up paying $9.73 per gram of product, but again, you’re getting the convenience of so many products in one palette.

Becca Afterglow vs TheBalm Manizer Sisters palettes

Packaging-wise, I’m on Becca’s team; it gets about as fingerprinty as the Hourglass palettes do (read: a lot), but it’s less garish than TheBalm’s cutesy vintage-style business. The Becca palette is slightly longer but narrower. Plus, TheBalm’s packaging is cardboard.

Becca vs The Balm highlighter swatch comparisons

Looking at comparison swatches, there’s not a lot of difference between the highlighters. Neither brand’s powders are dusty; both are highly-pigmented and shimmery.

Becca Moonstone is slightly paler and cooler-toned than TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer.

Becca Rose Gold is a very different colour to TheBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer. Rose Gold is much warmer in tone with a very golden shimmer. Cindy-Lou is much pinker and lighter. I like to wear Cindy-Lou as a blush on its own, but I wouldn’t do this with Rose Gold.

Becca Topaz and TheBalm Betty-Lou Manizer are virtually identical.

If you want to see swatches of the blush and bronzer in the Afterglow palette, you can find them in my Sephora New Zealand post.

I think ultimately I have to fall on TheBalm’s side of the fence. You get more product, for less money, with no compromise on quality—and it’s really as simple as that.

Do you have a preference between TheBalm and Becca highlighters? Which would you choose? Any colours outside the Afterglow palette I should try?

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  • These shades are all so close! I love Mary Lou Manizer but now I think I need Cindy Lou too.

    Rachel | http://www.currentlyrachel.com

  • I was going to say the Becca because it’s so much prettier packaging but realistically they just sit in my drawers anyway soooo I’d go with the balm. That’s not a bad price! It’s now sitting in my cart.

  • Imogen

    Great side by side review. I can’t believe people are stealing testers from Beauty Bliss. That’s just yucky.

  • They’re both so pretty! I have to get into highlighters more this year – can’t wait for the Brisbane Autumn/Winter so I can do more than just brows and mascara without my face melting off. Love your work as always x