SKIN | I spent $8 on some bloody fancy Shiseido facial cotton

Shiseido Facial Cotton

Cotton pads fall under the category of ‘beauty tools and accessories you kind of need but are wholly unprepared to spend a lot of money on because you literally use them once and throw them out’, and I shop for them accordingly. I’m usually pretty indifferent to what ones I get, and actually Pams Cotton Rounds are $2 something and more than decent. Working next to the Shiseido counter, though, I see a lot of customers buying the Shiseido Facial Cotton, which delivers moisture, with a luxuriously gentle touch, for $8. This stuff comes in at 13 cents per square (as opposed to 3 cents each for Pams) but holy shit is it worth it. Well, as worth it as spending more money on little squares of cotton can be.

The brand reckons that you need to be using the cotton to apply all your skincare with, which is one step too far for me towards being entirely indulgent and wasteful, as my hands will do just fine for putting moisturiser on. They are good for makeup removing, though, and applying toners/clarifying lotions/essences/liquid exfoliants, as they help remove residue. I mean, you don’t need me to tell you how to use a cotton pad, anyway.

Shiseido Facial Cotton review

Lots of cotton rounds have crimping around the edges to keep them in shape and to prevent the cotton from turning into a wet lint-y mess on your face. These are unlike that in that a) they are cotton oblongs, not rounds, and b) they magically hold their shape and stay lint-free without any kind of seam. Does it matter? No, just another sign that they are like pillowy magic carpets for conveying skincare to your face.

Shiseido Facial Cotton

The packaging is adorably vintage in feel, with the deep satin red finish and the white flower border. If I didn’t have any disposable income, no way would I be buying these, and to be fair I’m probably not going to stick to the Shiseido Facial Cotton religiously, when cheaper ones are about. They are nice for a treat, though, or if you need to spend a little bit more money to get a Farmers Club reward voucher and don’t want to buy a stupid single face mask you’re never going to use. They’re also good for giving as a gift because most sane people would never buy them for themselves.

Plus, in the scheme of things, isn’t it better I spent eight dollars on something I will truly use and use up, rather than another lipstick that will languish in some nice acrylic storage and never get used?

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  • Sophie ♥

    Ooh I’m tempted to buy these now, they sound amazing.

  • Katie Hall

    I didn’t even know these existed, but I’m really tempted to grab some now!

  • punkdinosaur