FACE | Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer


How better to start a series of old-school product reviews than with a review of an old classic? The Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer doesn’t even look like this anymore, which is testament to how long I’ve had it and how long I’ve been into it. It was my first true bronzer – before this, I was using a brownish-pink Rimmel blush with more than a little shimmer in it to contour my face. I bought it when I lived in Toronto; I used to walk over to the Shoppers Drug Mart on Sherbourne St and spend hours ranging around the beauty section and contemplating walls of products which, at the time, entirely overwhelmed me. To be fair, the drugstore offering of matte bronzers was pretty pathetic seven or so years ago, so that Rimmel abomination may have been the best choice available.

Anyway. The /r/MakeupAddiction subreddit that got me into this Too Faced bronzer, and I loved it for a long time before moving on to others that I bought needlessly at the peak of my “I need all the makeup” phase. (That was around when I started this blog, actually, and when I wrote this post about contouring.)


I remember deliberating for probably months over whether I’d best suit the regular chocolate or milk chocolate shade of this bronzing powder. If I were to describe my skintone I might say ‘moderately fair’, or ‘milky flat white coloured’, or ‘lightly toasted sesame seed coloured’, although now I think I’m just listing foods I like, and we know how ambiguous naming a colour after food can be after the scone/bronzer thing. What I’m getting at here, anyway, is that Milk Chocolate works for me and will probably work for you if your skin kinda looks like mine, unless you like a really intense ~bronze~.

Contouring happens on my face maybe one day out of seven, each week, because it comes pretty far down the priority list when doing my makeup in a hurry (and I’m always in a hurry). This bronzer’s good because it’s foolproof: I can throw some on in a kinda contour-y shape and know that I won’t look completely disastrous if it’s not perfect. I dug it out after a bit of a makeup purge and remembered how much I liked it for that exact reason, and now my goal is to hit pan on it and eventually finish it up – something I don’t think I can say about any blush or bronzer I’ve ever had.

As far as comparing this to other bronzers goes, I’d rate this above NARS Laguna, which I sold because I never really used it, in part because Laguna has some sparkle in it and I don’t want to put sparkle in the hollows of my cheeks. I’d rate it a million, million times over the AC On Tour contouring kit – I’d literally rather spend a hideous amount of money (thanks exchange rate) on buying a new Too Faced bronzer than be given the Australis abomination for free.

I should end this post by asking some bs question for engagement but idk, just tell me about your favourite bronzer if you feel like it?

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