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On a particularly bad day last month I arrived home to find a box containing the Sigma Fall 2015 collection on my doorstep (short of the lipsticks, which I haven’t swatched yet, sorry ’bout it). I’ve never used Sigma makeup before – or their brushes, really, aside from feeling them when I visited the Beauty Bliss pop-up store and then immediately coveting them. I know people are hesitant to buy makeup from brands that are primarily sold online, because the experience of seeing the product in person is so important to making the decision to buy. With that in mind, here is a swatch-heavy post with thorough reviews of each product, so hopefully you can make an informed decision. I’m no Temptalia, but this was fun to put together, so whatever. The range launches properly in a couple of days!


First up is the launch of Sigma Pink, which is basically the brand’s iconic magenta colour applied to all of the new products. It’s very pink. It’s cute how the packaging is pink as well, although if you’re obsessive about consistency within your makeup collection it might stress you out a little. It certainly makes things easy to find, though.


Now onto the products proper. The Sigma Aura Powder is an all-over face powder, pretty much your blush or bronzer, depending on skintone. There are six shades available: Lady Slipper, a cool pink; Sigma Pink, a bright magenta (much more pigmented than the others); Pet Name, a soft peach that is virtually identical to my skintone; Cor-De-Rosa, a very warm-toned bronzer shade; In The Saddle, a cooler matte bronzer; and Nymphaea, a soft coral pink.

These are all matte, quite pigmented and only a little powdery, blending out pretty well. They’re $19 USD each and the compact has a mirror, which is always useful.



The Sigma Lip Eclipse, $17, is their answer to liquid lipsticks, which every brand under the sun has started selling. These aren’t matte, so they don’t dry down on the lips like Australis Velourlips. A more accurate comparison would be the Chi Chi Liquid Lipsticks, which I didn’t love because they don’t dry down entirely – in saying that, these tend to behave and aren’t too wet.

These colours are all a bit bright and sickly for me. They’re very opaque and they’re what I’d call Shaaanxo colours – nothing you can just put on and forget about. Sigma Pink is obvious; She Knows The Ropes is described as ‘watermelon mashed with mango’, but I’d say it’s more of a fire engine red; London Girl is a bright creamsicle colour that’s too light to be practical, imo; Rosette is a pinky mauve and the closest to an everyday colour; Seal of Approval is a light coral peach; and Oh Kitten! is a white-based pastel pink.



Sigma Power Crayons, $15, are also nothing new, but unlike some crayon-style products these ones twist up from the base, so they don’t need sharpening. They have a satin-matte finish and aren’t drying on the lips.

Own It is a deep berry purple, kind of like MAC Rebel; Sigma Pink is blah blah magenta; Rubicund is described as a ‘just bitten’ lip colour but too pink to look like my own natural lips; Signed, Sealed is a muted rosy red; Stage Name is Sigma’s answer to MAC Morange, and Ode to Pink Sigma’s version of St Germain.



Sigma’s Power Liners are twist-up lip liners with a little sharpener attached to the end of the pencil. I’ll often forgo a lipstick for liner all over, just because staying power, and these are good at staying so they get my tick. They’re $15 USD each.

Artful is a light nude peach; Heartbeat is a bold orange; Make Your Mark is a tomato red; Carnation is a dusky pink quite similar to MAC’s Soar; Sigma Pink is magenta, and Initial is a lurid fuchsia.



The Sigma Line Ace, $14,  is liquid liner in the classic dippy brush style packaging. I’m more interested in the bright colours in this range because they’re a bit unusual to see in liquid liners. The colours make up for the fact that this formula isn’t my favourite – it cracks a little after it dries.

Legend is black; Robust is a rad khaki/olive green; Monogram is a light, chocolate-y brown; Inscription is a bright purple; Sigma Pink is Sigma Pink, and Endorse is a nice opaque white. I think Endorse is going to be really useful due to its opacity.



Last up is the mascara, or Embellish Lash, $19, which I didn’t swatch on my arm or on my eyelashes because I don’t think they could handle six different mascaras on without falling out. Again, what I’m excited about here is the colour range, but these are also a really good practical formula. I was looking for a good white mascara while I was studying makeup artistry and couldn’t find one that was at an affordable price, but this one ticks all the boxes. The brush on the Embellish Lash wand is a little bit like Benefit’s They’re Real brush, with a spiky ball on the end that’s good for reaching every last lash.

Ink It is a bright cobalt blue; Big-Time is a milky purple close to the Inscription shade of liner; Sigma Pink; Don’t Label Me is the bright white; Put It In Writing is a warm chocolate brown; and Bang Out! is a khaki green. The khaki is my favourite, because it’s not so light that it looks weird on dark lashes like mine, but it goes really well with a lot of neutral eyeshadow looks.

The TL;DR version? Sigma’s makeup range is pretty good quality for the price, at a middle-of-the-range price point for people from New Zealand and probably seeming a little pricier if you’re from the States. The interesting colours makes up for some minor formula disappointments; the eye products in the Fall 2015 launch are definitely my favourites.

Have you tried any Sigma makeup products? What do you like the look of the most? 

And please let me know if you find this type of swatch-heavy post useful!

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  • I’ve yet to try any makeup from sigma but now I must! This collection is gorgeous!!! I love the lip products, especially the lipgloss/lipsticks!

    Also, I do find swatch posts sooooo helpful! I like seeing the color on someone rather than in the package. Sometime things don’t swatch as they appear and I like knowing that! 🙂

  • Not too interested in most of the range so far but the eyeliners could tempt me

  • I’ve never tried Sigma’s makeup before, mostly because of the buying online thing. Those pink products … so bright!