LIFE | How to make going to the gym a little less unpleasant


I’ve started going to the gym regularly again, but don’t worry – there’s no chance of Hyacinth Girl becoming a fitness blog. It’s still a slog getting my shit together and actually making it to the gym, and my endorphins aren’t winning out over my preference for sitting down or getting an extra hour’s sleep. That being said, there are a few things that have definitely helped make going to the gym slightly less miserable.

A good sports bra

This is a pretty big one – a big deal, that is, not a big bra. Unless you have tiny boobs, you just can’t exercise comfortably without proper support. I tried on a bunch of expensive ones that just gave me cone boobs, before giving up and buying a cheapy zip-front crop from Cotton On Body without trying it on first. Now I don’t know if I didn’t get a big enough size or if it’s just a crap bra (I suspect a bit of both) but it stays on for about two seconds before my boobs burst free and bust the zip. Lesson learned. My sports bra success story is the Berlei Electrify Underwire CropI suggest waiting until there’s a 50% off lingerie Thursday sale at Farmers.


I feel weird wearing makeup while working out. I know some people do it, but the whole sweat/foundation cocktail can’t be good for the skin. Call me obsessive, but I like to wash my face before and after exercising. This is where my giant basket of foil samples comes in handy, as well as the travel-sized minis Goodness skincare* sent me recently. Goodness is an off-shoot of Trilogy, which explains why I love their products without hesitation. They’re affordable, and handsomely packaged.


If I time my Friday morning trip to the gym right, I can watch The Chase while I’m there – it’s a generic British quiz show just consistent enough to keep me distracted from how far I’ve run and how much further I want to go. If not, I’m probably listening to a podcast. People keep reminding me that I need to listen to Undisclosed before I can participate in discussions about the murder of Hae Min Lee, but it still hasn’t made its way onto my phone. Instead I’ve been enjoying The Year of Reading Massivelyin which Jonny Potts discusses reading really long books with people I (mostly) follow on Twitter.

Cool gym clothes

I’m not that down with drawing attention to myself at the gym, but I am big on the idea of sports luxe. I have a lot of pairs of shoes that haven’t been worn since getting my New Balances, and I’d still be keen on some more (my Mum got a new pair last week and I’m feeling envious). Boohoo sent me over some new items in their Boohoo Fit range, including the Tia Jungle Print leggings*, which are cool and also terrifyingly attention-grabbing. In true phoney sports luxe style, I think I’ve worn them more as loungewear than actually to the gym. Oh well. Boohoo also do zip-front crop tops that my boobs don’t bust out of and they’re just as cheap as Cotton On, so there’s that.

Got any gym-going tips for me?

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  • I tried to get into serial but I just wasn’t that into it! I think I need a bit more entertainment for my gym workout podcasts. I love Berlei sports bras, glad you do too!