LIPS | Lipsticks you can find quickly in your bag, goddamn it


Last time I properly checked I had eleven lipsticks loose in the bottom of my bag, and I suspect I’m not the only person who does this. I want to be able to have a quick rummage to find my lipstick for a top-up, so bags-within-bags don’t make a lot of sense to me; or, they do when I’m trying to be tidy and organised, but they don’t function so well in real life. What this means is that I spend a lot of time groping around for a lipstick, finding a tube, then pulling it out and uncapping it or scrutinising the little sticker on the bottom to see if it’s the one I want. I think you can see where I’m going with this.

Lipstick tubes that are the same colour on the outside as the product on the inside are both enchantingly cute and mind-blowingly simple. Need your dark red lipstick? It’s the dark red one! Genius.


When I first saw the lipsticks from MAC’s Giambattista Valli collection* I mostly wondered why MAC hadn’t launched lipsticks with their colours on the outside of the tubes earlier. Well, maybe they have, but it has to have been a little while ago because this is the first time I’ve seen it, anyway. They look awesome, and it kind of makes me wish they were all like this. In the past I’ve definitely thought I had one MAC lipstick colour in my bag, only to get it out and discover it’s something completely different (I wrote about this, in fact!)

The top lipstick in the photo is called Margherita, named after my favourite type of pizza, and the bottom one is Eugenie, like the princess. Both good and handbag-worthy.


The Clinique Lip Pop lipsticks sold themselves to me purely based on the fact they had their colour on the outside of the tube, and since spending quite a bit of time with them at work I can confirm that the inside and outside colours correspond quite successfully. I saw these on Kate’s blog ages ago, though, and have wanted one ever since. This one is called Cola Pop, which is cute and more family-friendly than another one of the reds available, which is called Cherry Pop.


A rummage through my bag would not be complete without some Revlon Colorburst balms. I lost Sultry, the matte one above, for about a year and was low-key devo until I found it while clearing out my shelf at my old job. Coy, the bottom one, is just about done because it somehow opened itself in the bottom of my bag and went all over everything. I’ve forgiven it, though.


From left to right: Margherita, Eugenie, Cola Pop, Coy, and Sultry.

Do you guys have the same handbag lipstick pit of doom thing that I do? Can you recommend any other sensibly-packaged lipsticks?

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  • My handbag is a dark depths full of lipsticks. I love the packaging for this collection, when I was sorting out my makeup table I was looking at all my MAC lipsticks and how I have to store them with the bottom up so I can find the ones I want. Liquid lipsticks tend to be easy to tell the difference from, but not normal lipsticks.

  • I have the exact same issue! Some days I just reach in there and grab one, and thats the one I’ll wear. It’s a black hole of makeup, my handbag