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Recently I got pissed off with how much clutter I had on my makeup desk and did a big cull; in the wreckage was more than a few half-used Chapsticks well past their use-by date. I gave up on Chapstick some time ago in favour of lip balms that work properly. There’s no one favourite, now, but a selection spread around the physical space my life takes place in, and each serves a slightly different purpose.


Nuxe Reve de Miel – The Night Treatment

Eternally in my favourites lists, Nuxe Reve de Miel is the lip balm I’d choose if I were only allowed one. What it’s really good for, though, is smearing all over your lips before bed if you breathe through your mouth while you’re asleep, like I do. It’s healing and hydrating, and will last until morning.

P.S. Don’t buy the stick version of this. It is not the same, but a pathetic sub-standard waxy stick that won’t hydrate for a minute.


MAC Lip Conditioner – The Lipstick Base

This is the sun to Nuxe’s moon – the perfect lightweight balm for morning. As innocuous and Vaseline-like as it may seem, MAC’s Lip Conditioner is so much more. I like to apply a squeeze of this on my lips at the same time as doing my moisturiser – by the time I get to putting lipstick on, my lips are slightly less dry and gross. It sinks in gradually too, so you’re never suddenly gripped by chapped-lip desperation.


Go-To Lips! – The All-Rounder

If you like avoiding ‘nasties’, well, I’m sorry but we’re probably not going to get along; you will like this lip balm, however, and I do too. Go-To Skincare’s Lips!* is like the all-natural equivalent of MAC’s Lip Conditioner – light, shiny and conveniently packaged in a squeezy tube. It doesn’t quite top MAC’s one but it’s a good contender, and as a bonus it smells like pomegranate. When it’s cold (it’s always cold this time of year) the beeswax in this can solidify slightly, but it softens up on the lips.


Burt’s Bees – The Old Faithful

Good old Burt and his bees, RIP. This is an old faithful for most people, but not all Burt’s Bees lip balms* are created equally. The classic beeswax balm, in stick, tin and now squeezy form, has peppermint oil added. I’m not sure who wants their lips to tingle and sting (or feel ‘fizzy’, as my Mum puts it), but I guess some people must or else this wouldn’t be a bestseller. Actually, Callum likes it, the heathen, so I gave him mine. The vanilla one, on the other hand, is entirely inoffensive, so I’m keeping that one for myself.


Hurraw – The Vegan Option

I don’t care about ‘nasties’, and neither do I care about my beauty products being vegan. If you do, this one’s for you. On top of that, as you may be able to derive from its name, Hurraw lip balms are raw – well, kind of. I don’t really understand raw life to begin with, but some of the balms’ ingredients are steam-extracted, which requires heating over the whatever-obscenely-low temperature rawness demands. I don’t particularly care either way actually. The lip balm is still functional, and nice and cheap, so it doesn’t matter when you inevitably lose it.


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Lip Protectant – The MUA’s Pick

Sticking fingers in a pot isn’t very hygienic, but sticking cotton-buds in certainly is, and that’s my dispensing method of choice when working as a makeup artist. The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Lip Protectant is legit. It smells awesome, and restores lips fast enough that you can apply products easily over the top. I know this isn’t available year-round but you can get it at Duty Free and it tends to pop up in gift sets around the holidays. There are also a few other 8 Hour lip products as well as the OG cream if that’s your jam too.

What’s your ride-or-die lip balm?

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  • I love Burt’s Bees Mango – I’ve never tried the classic one. I used to be a big fan of Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream but in the lipstick format, not the messy tube. I also have a few Lucas Papaw ones (petroleum be damned lol), Nivea Lip Butter, a Fresh lipbalm that’s nearly finished…oh man so many more!

  • I’m really loving my Antipodes lip balm at the moment. I generally prefer a wind-up tube as I have quite long nails and it grosses me out when I get product under them.