FACE | Maybelline Matte and Poreless Fit Me Foundation


Since starting work at Clinique (I work at Clinique now, but if you don’t follow me on Instagram you might not know that) I feel like I spend two thirds of my working life matching customers to foundations, but it was either genius or pure luck that my PR sample of the Maybelline Matte and Poreless Fit Me Foundation* was the perfect match for me (115 Ivory, jsyk). I skipped out on trying the regular Fit Me Foundation because nothing was really selling it to me, but the Matte and Poreless is designed for oily skin like mine. And while I love a dewy finish I know that it’s not for everyone, so I’ve been road-testing this one out over the past few weeks with the knowledge that I haven’t reviewed a foundation for a while. Or written a blog post for a while. You know.

First up, this ‘poreless’ business is weirding me out a little. If we’re aspiring to porelessness then we are aspiring to a life devoid of sweating and of body hair. And oil, which you need for your acid mantle, remember? So, I mean, while I can understand wanting your pores to look a little smaller, we don’t need to do away with them entirely.


Matte and Poreless’ mechanism for simulating porelessness is the dimethicone that smooths over the skin and minor variation in texture. It does an adequate job at that, and means you shouldn’t need to layer it over a silicone-based primer. I don’t layer anything over primer because I am too lazy to even put primer on. If you do want more silicone, though, I expect Maybelline would like you to use Baby Skin, which is allegedly pretty decent.

Moving on to the matte claim: it’s a matte finish foundation, but by the end of the day it needs a bit of encouragement in the form of a powder to be completely matte. Exhibit A: my nose at 4pm in this sneaky work selfie. Yes I know I should be wearing Clinique foundation at work, but another one that matches me (my Beyond Perfecting one is too dark this time of year) is not in my budget.


This one is definitely buildable to full coverage, but you’ll need some form of sponge unless you like brush marks on your face. The formula really sits on the skin so you can’t work it in with a buffing brush if that’s what you’re used to. It’s what I’m used to. My Beauty Blender came out of retirement for this one, and I’m just not going to think too hard about how long it has been sitting in my drawer.

At $25 this foundation isn’t going to disappoint you. At 30% off $25, which Maybelline often is, it more than delivers. It’s not going to supersede my Sheer Glow or Laura Mercier Silk Creme, but you do get what you pay for and my Silk Creme is running low. (This is painful to think about.)

I know I’ve been a real shit blogger lately but reading through some of my old stuff is making me miss it heaps and hopefully soon I will get my shit together enough to handle blogging on top of surviving through everyday life. In the meantime, tell me what products you’re loving!

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  • Welcome back Morgan!! Every time I check my blog feed I’ve been waiting for Hyacinth girl ❤️ This looks good! I have the original version of this and I’m a big fan.

  • Zoe

    Good to see you back! Thats so great you’re working for Clinique now – I’m using the TTDO milk atm and really liking it!