FACE | Depotting Australis’ AC On Tour palette, an exercise in destruction

Depotting Australis AC On Tour

Wow, time is really passing, huh? This week was my last at school so fingers crossed this will be the last post apologising for not posting in a while. Anyway, let’s continue my journey through depotting everything I own. After my success with the Benefit tin I though I’d give depotting the Australis AC On Tour palette a whack. If you recall, I hate this thing pretty intensely so if it didn’t go well, I wasn’t going to be too fussed. And while the palette on its own isn’t too cumbersome, it’s always useful to condense things, so this might be a useful post for other people out there too.

The tools for the job are more complex than what I used for the last de-pot attempt. As well as the spatula thing I needed to use heat (a tealight candle did fine) and ended up using some dental floss too. The nice minty kind, you know, to keep my palette fresh.


I wedged the spatula down the edge of the tray and started prising it out. It’s fairly easy to get the spatula in there, as long as you don’t care about fucking up the plastic (which you shouldn’t care about, because you’re destroying it for a reason).



Once you get some good leverage you can just rip the rest of it off. Each of the little circles shown on the underside of the tray in the picture above is where the tray is joined to the base of the palette. It is useful to know where these spots are so you know where to apply the most pressure. You can see I disturbed a bit of powder from some of the pans but they were relatively unscathed.

This is where the easy part stops and the frustrating part begins. The best advice I can give is to take it way slower than you think you need to. Be careful as hell. (I wasn’t, because I didn’t particularly care if the whole thing got destroyed.)


You do want to get the spatula under the pans to prise them off, but you can’t just stick it under there on one side and start levering. I found it worked best if I worked all the way around the edge of each pan before trying to get right under it – kind of like when you’re taking a cake out of the tin if you haven’t greased it properly. Now is a good time to use heat, too, from underneath, to soften the adhesive. I just held the palette over a lit candle.


After fucking up two of the bronzer pans, I thought I’d try something a little more delicate (and it ended up working heaps better). If you soften the glue with some heat, you can slide a length of dental floss under the pan and start working it back and forth through the glue. This method causes the least disturbance to the product in the pan and it’s how I got four of the pans out unscathed.


You can see they weren’t all so successful. But you live and learn, right? And my fuck-ups will hopefully lead to you depotting Australis’ AC On Tour palette more successfully, if you wanted to. I just hiffed the broken ones in the bin and, to be honest, there’s no real loss.

Bonus disappointment: these pans aren’t the kind that will stick to your Z Palette. You need to stick a magnet on the back of them first.

So… there you go. The moral of the story, for me, is that there is literally zero inherent value in this palette for me, whether intact or disassembled. I was hoping I might be able to throw some of these pans into my Z Palette and make use of them at school or on jobs without carting the whole thing around, but honestly, it just confirmed that I really, really can’t be bothered trying to make a shit product work.

If you’re wondering about contouring products I do like, I did a bit of a roundup a loooong time ago, which you can have a read of here. (Spoiler: the NYX blush in Taupe comes out on top!)

Anyone else tried this, more or less successfully than me? And does anyone really like the product itself? 

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  • RIP AContour palette. I considered buying this but 1 I don’t know how to contour, and 2 basically everyone I know who bought it was disappointed by it.

  • Christel Hansen

    I’ve heard so many negative reviews on this palette that I honestly have no interest in even trying it now hahaha! Depotting is so much fun though, and I love the fact that I am finally using my Z Palettes again. Palettes are your best friend when freelancing – you soon get sick of carrying around a massive case of makeup and spend so much time trying to condense it hahaha 😀 oxoxo

  • I love this post – so unapologetic 🙂 I have the palette but so far I’ve only really used the middle bronzing shade for contouring since it’s the coolest-toned one. It’s not worth $20 to just use one colour!

  • Jess

    Hey – thanks for this – it’s super informative. I’ve been trying to depot this myself because I literally only use the banana powder (which is okay for undereyes).

    How long did it take you to get the pans out with the dental floss? I’ve been trying and it’s been taking me ages (and also hurting my fingers quite a lot – eep!)

    • I’m glad it was useful to someone! I heated the glue a bit first and then kinda sawed the dental floss back and forth and it didn’t take too long. Good luck!