FACE | Depotting Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot (a success story)


The Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O’ Blushes was something I coveted highly approaching Christmas last year. I audibly gasped when I first saw it on Temptalia. I think it’s because individually the Benefit blushes are quite expensive, and don’t have anything else particularly desirable about them (apart from the scent of Georgia, which was sadly discontinued like most things that have my heart). The tin was affordable, and novel, but it too is discontinued.

As soon as it arrived I was like, okay wow, they really committed to this novelty tin vibe. It’s big and cumbersome. It doesn’t really make me want to use these blushes. It’s also kind of ostentatious and Benefit’s cutesy packaging isn’t the most professional thing to pull out on a makeup job. Until I remembered that depotting was a thing. So join me on my journey of depotting Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot.


Step one is to be pleasantly surprised about how easy step one is. The blushes are mounted to a foam panel that lifts easily out of the tin, no adhesive in sight.


Step two is to wonder if you even need any tools at all to do this, because of how easy it is. The foam surrounding the individual blush pans is pretty easy to peel off.


Step three is tool time (lol etc). I just used the spatula thing that came with my mixing palette from eBay. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of glue holding the pans down so you can get under the corner easily and then move the spatula around to detach them.


You can see there’s not a lot of glue to contend with.


Step whichever one we’re up to is not to be too enthusiastic with your prying. Pressed powders are fragile. Dandelion‘s showing a fault line as exhibit A. It didn’t actually crumble, though, so gold star to Benefit for not making me deal with re-pressing the pan.


I used a little bit of nail polish remover to remove the adhesive residue from the backs of the blushes. The one pictured is a non-acetone formula, which does the job fine (which is a surprise, considering it doesn’t do the job fine when it comes to removing nail polish expediently).


And for the final note in this success story, the pans are magnetised so they stick in a Z Palette without needing to stick magnets to the back of them. This is infinitely more easy to deal with than that giant gaudy tin. At the moment they’re chilling in there alone next to one giant MUFE eyeshadow and two lone MAC shadows that don’t fit in my main MAC palette, but I’m planning on buying a few more blush pans to fill it out. Maybe from Makeup Geek, considering how satisfied I am with my recent MUG eyeshadow purchase (more on that soon if I can find the time!)

This isn’t so much a review as a documentation of a successful adventure depotting Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot, in advance of a post on a much less successful depotting attempt. If however you really want to know my thoughts on these blushes… well they’re good, grade A, or else I wouldn’t have put the effort into making them more accessible. I particularly like Rockateur, although no surprises there.

Please tell me if you have any depotting stories, or, which Benefit blush is your favourite!

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  • That looks much easier than my depotting experience. And by my experience, I mean the time I tried to depot some stuff and my boyfriend ended up taking over and doing 90% of it for me. In my defense, the eyeshadows were glued in firmly. This looks very profesh too, A+.

  • Jodi Butler

    Oh wow I wish all depotting was that stress-free! 🙂 So many times I’ve ended up with crumbled product everywhere, which is such a pain.

  • Feels good when everything goes according to plan huh? lol 🙂 Unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t – RIP, MAC Carbon. It’ll be nice to fill up that whole palette!

  • I was eyeing up that palette a while ago too. It looked fab but Benefit’s packaging, as you say, is just not very professional!

    Rachel | http://www.currentlyrachel.com

  • TBH the tin was on of the reasons that I didn’t get this palette — that, and the whole being skint thing due to being on part-time hours at the time. Shame, because this was such a good way to try all their blushes!

    LOLOLOL Tool Time.

  • Good for you! I just moved and have to seriously reorganize and condense my makeup collection, which will include my first foray into depotting and pressing. Benefit is extremely devoted to their big, clunky sets. I have this honking two-layer Too Faced set from the 2013 holidays that I’m itching to take apart.

  • Lizzie Scott

    What size Z palette did you put the 6 blushes in? Thank you!

    • It’s the original one – I guess that’s the large? There’s plenty of room spare as you can see too!