FACE | High/low FOTD with NV & MAC


I haven’t posted a FOTD in forever, so here we go. This look is simple and I’ve been wearing this or a variation on it pretty much every time I wear makeup lately. Minus the gloss. Gloss is categorically a bad idea in Wellington. (Wellington is windy, in case you didn’t know.) Actually, gloss is categorically a bad idea wherever you are if you’re planning on eating anything. I wore this out on a taco date with Callum and ended up with gloss on the rest of my face and gloss on my taco (lmao) but none where it was supposed to be. I don’t really know why lipgloss is a thing actually.

On my eyes I’m wearing the NV Chunky Eye Crayon in Ingot*, which is brilliantly affordable (nine dollars!) and really nice to use. I got sent this along with some other NV products and I was kind of indifferent to them until I realised that Ingot is a really nice gold colour and I remembered that I really like cream eyeshadow. It’s a bit loose in the tube but it twists up which is awesome. Seriously if a budget pencil-shaped product can twist up, there’s no excuse for any pencils to need sharpening. I’m talking about you, NARS.

On the lips in the first photo is MAC Lipglass in Heroine*. Heroine seems to be on my lips whenever I do a FOTD, I think perhaps because it’s interesting enough for me to feel like my makeup isn’t completely boring and is worth taking a photo of. This time it’s a gloss, though! Heroine is now available in both my favourite and least favourite forms of lip product: lip pencil (fave) and lipgloss (worst thing ever). Lipgloss may be decidedly impractical outside of sitting down and taking photos of yourself (what’s up beauty bloggers) but I like that there are more lipglasses that are matched to lipsticks and pencils in the MAC permanent range. This all happened with the Pencilled In launch which I am a little bit behind on, but it’s permanent so whatever.


This photo is a more accurate representation of what I looked like as soon as I ate food. Hair-tying-back included, because I’m a child and Mexican food is messy.

Aside from PR samples I am also wearing a lot of makeup I spent my own money on in these photos! It’s just not new because as much as I like shopping, I tend to always retreat to my old favourites, so it doesn’t seem that exciting to me. Brows are Hourglass, mascara is L’Oreal Miss Manga, foundation is Laura Mercier and blush is an old, old faithful, NARS Deep Throat.

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  • Arrabella Bolter

    I actually like pencil ones more, because you get more precision. Especially true of dark lip ones, because you can do a really nice cupids bow. And for tight lining. And I’m pretty sure lip gloss was invented by a man to make lips look more vagina-esque LBR 😉
    Is lipgloss a feminist issue?!

  • Lizzy

    This is such a gorgeous makeup look, deceptively simple. I love the co-ordination of the lips, eyes and blush. So stunning

    • Aww thanks so much Lizzy! <3

  • Oh! MAC Heroine Lipglass looks so pretty on you!

  • you’re such a stunner Morgan. This post made me want to eat Mexican food and wear lipgloss (even after reading and remembering how impractical lipgloss is even on its own).