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It was only last year that I had my first ever cup of tea. What the fuck, right? Since then I’ve drank plenty, naturally, and I’ve discovered that my favourites are Earl Grey and green tea. There aren’t that many Earl Grey scented/infused/etc beauty products, but there’s no shortage of green tea beauty products out there. Here’s a few I’ve been having a hoon on.

The first proper perfume I ever owned was Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea, a gift from my parents the Christmas before I moved overseas when I was 17. This is actually the very same bottle, and although it’s empty I can’t bring myself to throw it away. It was my spring scent for a long time, before I got Marc Jacob’s Daisy Eau So Fresh, and I’m still a big fan.


The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea eau de cologne* is in the same scent family as the Arden classic (obviously), so naturally I’m digging that too. I guess the fact it’s marketed as a cologne means it’s intended as a men’s product, but I’m not interested in gender distinctions in fragrance so I’ve been using it for myself. It’s a huge bottle (100ml!) for forty bucks which puts it in the same kind of price family as Arden’s green tea fragrance. I’m into that, because expensive perfume is one beauty purchase I still struggle to justify.

Also in the Fuji Green Tea range are the usual suspects: body scrub, body butter, lotion and uh… bath tea*. If you know that my love for tea is a new thing, you’ll also know that my love for baths is non-existent. This fact is well documented. But like… this stuff comes with a comically sized infuser (which I can’t find on the NZ site, but it is a thing because I have one) and I was in proximity to a bath with time to kill (I was pet-sitting pugs for Hels).


You fill it up with the tea which is a mixture of regular bath salts and tea leaves, then suspend it in your bathwater to infuse it. I was kinda indifferent to how it worked until I decided to rinse the tea leaves out of it into the bathwater, which promptly coated the sides of the bath and were a bitch to rinse away. I get it. It’s useful as hell. And now I’m wondering if you could use regular tea leaves for some DIY bath tea magic?

(Sidenote: one of the reasons I hate baths is because I feel hot and gross until suddenly a line is crossed and I’m sitting in lukewarm water and feeling clammy. Drinking beer in the bath helps this.)

The Green Tea Facial Wipes from Kmart probably aren’t enhanced in any significant way by having green tea in them, but they are very functional face wipes and they’re usually about three dollars, so that’s useful. The closest Kmart to me is in Porirua so I don’t go there that often, but it’s worth the journey as long as I don’t take Callum with me because it doesn’t even have a videogame section to keep him occupied while I scope out beauty bargains. Anyway. I also found the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser and Balm at Kmart, which has green tea and cucumber that are again probably useless additions. So far I haven’t found it does that much, but I think I’m meant to be using it daily.

All of these have pretty basic tea scents, and now I’m curious about tea as a fragrance note in ‘proper’ perfumes. I really, really want to try Indigo by Nest based on the descriptions I’ve read, but it’s not stocked in New Zealand! Does anyone have any recommendations for tea-scented perfumes?

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