HAIR | Gh0stparties inspired top-knot


I swear I’ve spent every spare minute in the past week washing my hair. At school we have to be hair models for each other, so my hair is getting absolutely thrashed daily. So. much. hairspray.  It’s almost enough to put me off doing anything with my hair besides a ponytail, but Kate from gh0stparties came to my rescue with a half up top-knot video that was perfect to try with the Fudge Powder Styler*. I’m no stranger to styling powders, but this one is a particularly fine specimen.

Now, I’m going to embed Kate’s tutorial here, even though she doesn’t actually use a styling powder in this top-knot tutorial. Her look is kinda like a half-up version of this post I did a while back, though, which styling powder worked out great for. So I used it. And it was good. So there you go.

I started by trying to get a shot of the volume powder in mid-air. This took quite a few shots to get right, which meant I a) had a funny concentrating face in all the photos, and b) ended up with quite a lot of powder in my hair.


This stuff makes your hair feel kinda sticky, like when your cider glass leaves a ring and then it dries and leaves a mark that collects dust. What I’m saying is it’s not actually that pleasant. It also makes your hair kinda hard to work with as your fingers will no longer be able to brush smoothly through it.


That being said, however, you give it a good scrunch through the roots and it gives mountains of volume. My roots are usually pretty flat so I’m into it. This stuff is ideal for when you’re due for a hair wash but can’t quite be bothered or don’t have the time. It’s like dry shampoo but better, because it’s an actual styling product as well as a grease remedy.


I didn’t end up with quite the same amount of poof in my top-knot as Kate did, but I think I prefer my version. It felt nice and secure which was concern number one when walking anywhere in Wellington (also the reason I don’t usually do hairstyles that leave some hair out, or wear lipgloss ever). It also gave me some lift on the top of my head, which, if I’ve learned anything from school, is what my square face apparently needs.

You can buy Fudge products from pharmacies but I’m also a fan of the Schwarzkopf Push Up Volume powder, which you can get from supermarkets. Have you tried a volume powder before? What do you think of the ~fashion~ half-up top-knot?

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  • This looks so cute! I haven’t tried it myself, I fear it’ll expose how the underneath of my hair is basically a different colour and my extreme roots situation. I tell myself it’s ombre and therefore on trend. That action shot gave me a bit of a giggle.

    • Roots are so trendy Lena!

  • Georgia

    I often try the ole lil bun but my with my thin, lame hair it’s usually a disappointing outcome, however I might try again with some volume powder and see how I go. I often walk past that Schwarzkopf one and the supermarket and wonder if it’s any good, I think you’ve just give me the green light to go ahead and slip it in my basket next time!

    • Definitely give it a try, I think it’s under ten dollars too!

  • I’m really loving hair powders, I’ve got such fine hair, it gives it a good boost at the roots. I’m with ya on the feeling of it though!