FACE | Brow pencil bonanza ft. L’Oreal, Anastasia & Hourglass


I bought a L’Oreal eyebrow pencil during the Farmers Beauty Week sales, and given my brow product purchases are usually towards the higher end of the price scale, I thought I’d give it a thorough review. The Anastasia Brow Wiz has been my ultimate favourite for some time now (it was in my very first post on this blog) and the Hourglass Arch Brow pencil made it into my 2014 makeup favourites, so the L’Oreal Le Sourcil pencil has some big shoes to fill. Because I’m stingy, I bought it with the intention of putting it in my kit, and the hope that it would be as good as my more expensive favourites. Here’s how it holds up.


Hourglass: so beautiful, so fingerprinty.


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz has the finest tipped pencil. It’s a twist-up and the product is firm, which means you can draw in nice hair-like marks with it. It’s not so good if you’re in a hurry, though, as you’ve got more drawing to do before you have a filled in brow.


The Hourglass Arch Brow gives you the opposite problem: the wide, angled tip means you can fill in brows quickly but with less precise application. I have fairly dense dark brows already, so it’s great for me to use, but if you have very sparse hairs or thin brows I think it could get heavy quickly.


And the L’Oreal Color Riche Le Sourcil pencil is a good old-fashioned pencil, of the sharpening kind. This does require you to sharpen it before every use if you want a nice sharp point for precise application, but I’d do that anyway if it was in my kit, for hygiene purposes. The texture is dense and firm, so you can still get hair-like strokes if that’s your vibe.


There’s three different pencil formats here, but a huge deciding factor in all of them is the spoolie on the end. Spoolies are indispensable when you’re filling in most peoples’ eyebrows, unless they magically grow in the perfect direction on their own. Mine certainly don’t grow in the directions I want them to. I find it easier to have the spoolie attached to the brow pencil, and I also like them better than the brushes that some brow products come with.

All spoolies are not equal, however, and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz has the best: it’s the narrowest and most dense. That being said, the other two are quite adequate.


Probably the most important, however, is the colour. I think the main reason I turned to high-end eyebrow products to begin with was the lack of a true cool brown product available at Farmers or the drugstore. I used to use Australis or Rimmel brow pencils, but looking back now they are much warmer than my natural hair colour, and this is true for most people unless you have a very warm brown or red hair colour.

I was suprised to see how well the L’Oreal Le Sourcil pencil help up against the two more expensive ones. You can see from the swatches it is a fair bit warmer than the Hourglass product, but fairly similar to the Brow Wiz. Either way, it’s plenty cool enough to look natural in most brows.

The L’Oreal Le Sourcil pencil doesn’t draw quite as smoothly as the other two, but it deserves its spot in my kit and I’m pleased I’ve found a brow pencil I can restock without having to order online. (That being said, you can now order some products online on the Farmers website, which is awesome!) I suspect the product will last a lot longer than the Brow Wiz, at least, which I can smash through in a month if I’m filling in my brows daily.

What do you use for daily brow vibes? 

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  • I looooooooooooooooove the Anastasia one but at the moment I’m using the MAC pencil in “fling” till I do another online makeup order <3 <3 <3

    • Love MAC brow pencils but they run out so quickly!

  • Krystle Field

    Love my Brow Wiz, can’t live without it!

  • jamie-lee

    I’ve been thinking about getting the Hourglass one.. so it’s good to read your thoughts. I kinda find that the Anastasia one is okay… but I don’t get really fine ‘hairs’ with it. Maybe mine is just permanently blunted..

    • You definitely won’t be able to get ‘hairs’ with the Hourglass one! I think a tiny angled brush, Anastasia Dipbrow and a lot of patience is needed for really hair-like brows!

  • Arrabella Bolter

    I think the Revlon Brow pencil may just be in between the high-end and the loreal one. Its a twist up with a spoolie, and a really perfect colour. Otherwise the ELF dupe of dipbrow is sometimes just as quick for PowerBrows

    • Might check out the Revlon one! Do you mean the ELF brow kit?

  • anjaok

    Sleek have one that is identical in packaging/shape of the wax (?) as the Hourglass. I haven’t tried the Hourglass so I can’t compare, but I really like it — and blonde tones are hard to get right, too.

    • I keep meaning to try this but don’t have anything else I want to order from Sleek, so I can’t help but think it would be a waste to order it!