FACE | AC On Tour, an exercise in buyer’s regret


My energy for writing seems to have fizzled slightly of late, which is a shame, but I’ve bought so much makeup that perhaps I’m just avoiding my blog out of shame for violating my no-buy so excessively. One of the things I bought was the Australis AC On Tour contouring and highlighting kit and I bought it with much zeal and little critical thought. Thing is, there has been so much hype about it and it has been so hard to come by that I forgot to see if it was any good before I bought it – I just saw that it was at Farmers and only $22 or something ridiculous and suddenly I was at home attempting to simulate cheekbones with dusty brown powder. It’s just no good. Here’s why.


It’s fairly compact, so we could give it points for that, or we could feel disappointed that it’s not as big as the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit that it’s definitely a rip-off of (not that I have problems with rip-offs I just expected it to be bigger, that’s what she said, etc.)


It has the colours we have come to know and expect in a contour kit: in the top row, a matte peach powder no one knows what to do with; a matte yellow powder most YouTubers apply excessively to the undereye area; and a quite nice shimmery peach highlight. Then it comes with one grey-brown suitable for contouring and two orangey-brown bronzing powders that are perhaps not so suited to the task at hand.

Don’t worry though, because they’re all about as ineffective as each other, so none of the powders need feel left out.


Three chalky, dusty and yet somehow chunky highlight powders swatched on my fingers, followed by three bronzers of same.


I didn’t see a lot of utility in swatching all of them but I wanted to show you how unhappily the bronzers transfer to the skin. Basically, once you’ve placed your powder, that’s where it’s staying. A smooth blended finish was virtually impossible for me to achieve. I used an angled natural fibre brush and only applied a touch of the middle brown shade to my cheek, but it was already too late. I didn’t take a photo of it because I took it off immediately and used my old faithful (NYX blush in Taupe) instead. Then I thought about how I want to work at Bobbi Brown and how Bobbi Brown’s philosophy doesn’t really involve contouring (which makes it particularly funny when I see people using BB Foundation Sticks to contour with) and wondered if I should just quit contouring altogether, to get out of the habit for when I become a Bobbi Brown counter representative. (I’m saying this with a little bit of bitterness because I know people have been saying I’m stupid for leaving my career job to work in makeup but I like makeup and people so I don’t care.)


So. The AC On Tour kit (which I always read as ‘air conditioning on tour’). I don’t love mine. I’ve already half-destroyed it trying to de-pot it so it takes up less space in my stash. More on that soon. But don’t buy one yourself. It’s not worth it. Unless you already own it and rate it, in which case, pray tell why?

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  • anjaok

    Eek. They just look…yuck.

  • Chelsea

    SO glad i read this!! Thank you for the review 🙂

  • Georgina

    Thank goodness! I though it was just me who didn’t enjoy it. I can’t blend the shit out of these at all!

    • Thank goodness it was only $20 or else I would be so mad!

  • Arrabella Bolter

    So glad I read this! also, I really love Bobbi Browns philosophy too. I used to really want a nose job, until I read her book and learned to embrace it.
    Enhance your beauty not hide or change it.

    • I still haven’t read her books, but I want to get my hands on them!

  • I totally bought this yesterday despite having read your post beforehand! I just really wanted to see how well it worked (or didn’t work) for myself. I also picked up two of the new Velour Lips so hopefully that will make up for any disappointment in the palette haha

    • That’s funny, let me know how you find it!

  • My first thought when I saw your highlighter swatches was “wow they are so pigmented and looks like soaky powders” then I saw your bronzer swatches and I thought they look muddy :/ idk, I still want to try this to see what all the fuss is about; I have tried the ABH Contour Kit and I wasn’t a fan so.. Oh I’ve heard this palette works well if spraying water on your makeup brush, still don’t know if I should risk it haha

    • I might try the wet brush trick!

  • Jordanne-Elizabeth Leigh

    Your posts make me laugh hysterically. You are a true gem in the beauty community. Lots of love x