SKIN | Empties and repurchases

I’ve been hoarding empty things for a while now so I thought I’d make my first video with actual content (!) an empties and repurchases video (except for the tangent I go on about the Olay Regenerist night cream which is neither empty or a repurchase). It’s all skincare because I use that every day and I don’t wear makeup every day. I don’t think I’ve ever used up an eyeshadow or lipstick or blush completely. I should probably work on that before buying more things.

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  • Cesy

    Oh thank you for this, I laughed so hard during the supermarket anti-stealing bit, which was exactly what I needed today. I too am a user of a superduper thick lip balm at night, a hangover from my Accutane days. I’ve been off Accutane for years but I will not settled down to sleep until I put my lip balm on, which is just emulsifying cream from the chemist. It’s part of the routine now.

    • I was terrified when it happened in case someone was going to tackle me and arrest me for buying skincare!