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Remember how I said I had heaps of new shit to show you guys? This is that post. Lots of new makeup and skincare to talk about – some gifted, some purchased by my very own self. I’m going to dive right in to some quick reviews to avoid taking up too much of your time. Let’s go.


The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry EDT*, available 30 March
Does anyone not love The Body Shop’s Early Harvest Raspberry range? This perfume has gone on my desk straight next to my deodorant and is my first choice every morning. It smells like raspberries, pure and simple.

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation* in 06, $40.95 (or 20% off with two or more ‘beauty favourites’ purchases)
Confession: I had never tried The Body Shop makeup before I got this. It’s really good – I’ve been missing out. Full review up later this week.

MAC x Toledo collection*, $42-44
I wrote about this already. I have been wearing the lipgloss every day.

AVON Super Extend Winged Out mascara*, $16.99
I don’t generally open PR samples of mascara right away because I always have a million tubes open already, but this one intrigued me. It’s actually a really good basic mascara. Lots of length. Not as much volume as I’d like, perhaps.


Olay Regenerist Revitalising Night Cream, $35
I wasn’t sent this – I spent my own money on it! I rambled a bit about it in the video I filmed today, but I will also have a ‘What the hell is…?’ post up soon about niacinamide, which is the active ingredient in this one.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, $30
Bought some more of this stuff, because I like it so much.

Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream, $55
Another expensive repurchase justified by how much I like this product.

Go-To Skincare Face Hero*, $45 AUD
I’m cautious with face oils as my skin seems to be sensitive to them, but this is a nice one. Ten good oils blended with a delicious fragrance into the cutest glass bottle. I approve. It also came with a little superhero cape. Cute.

Antipodes Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum*, $55
Another thing I’m skeptical of is natural serums. What good is a bit of fruit water going to do? Well this stuff is pink (!), feels like it’s making a difference on the skin (it goes a bit tight) and has science that says it does antioxidant-y things.

Plantae Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream*, $65
I suspect that the plant-y ingredients in this are at too low of a concentration to do much, but it’s certainly an effective moisturiser. Both Callum and I have tried this in the day time and found it too creamy and thick, which points to it being better as the night cream it’s labeled as. Go figure.

Those are my quick-fire thoughts on a few things that have been clogging up my desk and making me feel guilty. And making me smell delicious. That Early Harvest Raspberry business… seriously. Get yourself amongst.

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  • Oh that Raspberry. I think you just made my week now that I know I can get my hands on it again. I missed out on the perfume last time, so I might have to buy a couple this year!

    • It is super nice! I think I might have to buy some other things from the range as I missed out on all of it last time!

  • Sophie ♥

    Early Harvest Raspberry is honestly my favourite Body Shop thing ever. I have the body butter open at the moment and lovelovelove it! x

    • I am really intrigued by the scrub!

  • elza

    that body shop perfume sounds amazing, i need it in my life ! x

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  • Oh that’s very bizarre! I haven’t experienced anything similar, although we have very different skin types – I’m super oily. I wonder what could be causing it?

  • I’m so disappointed at myself for not getting my hands on the Oxblood lipglass! >.<

  • Antipodes Scientific Organic B

    Thanks for sharing Morgan. Love to hear what you think after using Worship for a few weeks. #lovethearoha

  • Kershia_CatwalkCult

    Obsessed with your photography at the moment – love! Great post.