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Hyacinth Girl Youtube

The Hyacinth Girl YouTube channel makes its debut! If you’ve ever wondered what my voice sounds like, or what I look like in motion, now’s your chance. I thought I’d start small with a bit of an introduction to myself and the blog. You know, in case you’re new here.

Please watch and comment and subscribe and like it and all that good stuff. I’ll try to upload fairly regularly, but as I said in the video, I’m hella busy this half of the year! I have tons of video ideas but if you have anything specific you want to see, leave me a comment. And if you think I’m not made for YouTube and that I should stop before I embarrass myself… well I guess leave that in a comment too.

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  • Good for you! Looking forward to more videos!

  • Jackie Jean

    Love it! So brave

    • I’ve got lots of posts about school planned, don’t worry!

  • Sophie ♥

    Yay go Morgan!

    • Thanks Sophie! We should do a collab next time we’re in the same city!

      • Sophie ♥

        Yes please! I would love that x

  • anjaok

    Love it!

  • jamie-lee

    YAY Morgan so excited that you’ve start a Youtube channel !! Heading over now to subsscribe xx

  • Wellington Chic

    So exciting for you Morgan and I’m so impressed for your first Video!

    Not only is your Makeup exceptional in it, but you are funny, interesting and engaging.

    Now I also know where Hyacinth Girl comes from too 🙂

    Guess what – I have never actually subscribed to a YouTube channel before, just watched people randomly by searching for them or having them in my favourites bar.

    So Morgan, you are my very first Channel!

    Wellington Chic x