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I turned twenty-five last week. People are asking me what it feels like, whether I feel older. I don’t know? I just feel like regular old Morgan. I think people also expected me to get a bunch of makeup for my birthday, but the thing is, when writing about makeup is kind of your job, it loses its appeal as a gift. I’ve also reached the age where I don’t really expect big gifts, but I got some all the same.

My aunt, uncle and cousins sent me a Lotto ticket, which is a sign that I have truly escaped the age of “better send the kid a present” and transitioned into the age of “we didn’t forget it was your birthday but you’re an adult now”. No shade, by the way. Checking the ticket was kind of fun. I didn’t win anything.

On my birthday itself, I had the foodiest day ever, with gnocchi AND fries for lunch at Cafe Polo, followed by gelato on the waterfront with Callum, followed by dinner at Olive with Callum and my family. If you know anything about me by now, you’ll know that Olive is my literal favourite place in Wellington. I usually go for weekend brunch and weekday lunch at least once a week, but we don’t often make it there for dinner. I had pork belly with scallops. It was A+.


Then, pictured at the top of the post, is what my good friend and work colleague Amy gave me, and it was a complete surprise. She had already shouted me dinner and drinks another night, so I wasn’t expecting gifts too!

I had a cocktail made with Six Barrel Soda Co Kola Nut syrup when I was at The Fed in Auckland with Elese. I’m a big fan of cola and cola-based cocktails, but this syrup makes a cola drink very different to, say, Coke. It’s fancy. And delicious. Amy got me a big bottle of the syrup as well as the Six Barrel/Coffee Supreme coffee soda syrup. I haven’t been brave enough to crack this one open yet but I have visions of something like the Dark Moon in my future.


Please note also the beautiful enamel dish. I am a huge fan of enamel kitchenware. Everything I own would be enamel if I could afford to replace everything I already own. It’s practical, but it also makes everything you make extra Pinterest-worthy.


From Callum, a pair of black New Balance 410s to replace my very well-loved grey 420s. The 410s have a much sleeker profile. My 420s aren’t worn out at all, really – there are no holes in the soles, no peeling; they’re not falling apart at all, so I will of course continue to wear them. I’m so glad sneakers are trendy again. What casual shoes did people wear with jeans before it was acceptable to wear trainers? I actually have no idea.

This weekend I’ll be shopping with my Mama at Witchery for a little bonus gift. I have fallen in love with every single item in their A/W collection, so we may be spending quite some time there.

I don’t know how to end this post with my usual discussion questions! Apart from this very important one: what shoes did people wear with jeans before sneakers were cool?

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  • Arrabella Bolter

    I just still don’t ~get~ Sports Luxe. I tried on a pair of Nikes and I looked stupid.
    Ballet flats for life! Only thing that manages to make my size 10 feet look nice – went into 27 Names and got upset at the price of Leprettos.
    Well done Quarter Centurion!

    • Sports luxe is just all about comfort, really! After I started wearing my New Balances everywhere, I can’t get into heels or anything.

  • Zoe

    I work at Witchery! Might see you there! Guessing you’re loving the amount of grey we have in?

    • No way! I’ll probably be there on Sunday haha you’ll have to say hi if you’re there! And you know I’m all about grey haha

  • ahmagaaaahd such wonderful gifts ♥ that six barrel stuff is good! Great pics (as usual) and I live everything from the latest Witchery collection too. especially that beautiful camel colored trench. Glad to hear it was a good birthday! xx

    • Thank you Elese! Ugh I really want the black silky trench at Witchery but it is $$$