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MAC Photo lipstick is really good. There are plenty of brown lipsticks out there at the moment because they seem to have become a thing, but Photo is a true gem. It was part of the Artificially Wild collection that came out last year, but it still seems to be available from MAC online.

I bought this lipstick at the same time as MAC Styled In Sepia, another excellent brown shade (you can see that on my lips in this post). Photo is a deeper, warmer, glossier brown, so they’re not interchangeable. It is a Satin finish and it’s opaque in one swipe.


I think what I like about Photo is that it’s a very wearable brown. It’s not so dark as to veer into vampy territory (not that I would have a problem if it did). Its undertones are red, and although it is a true brown, as opposed to a brownish-red, it is still very easy to wear.

In this look I paired MAC Photo with a matte brown eyeshadow and black liquid eyeliner. You may have noticed this is the first time in ages that I’ve worn liquid liner; if I’m honest with you, it’s just because I’m lazy. I have also worn this lipstick with bronzey shades to great success, and I think it would look good with a really blown out orangey eye (something I often do using MAC Soft Brown).


I don’t think the MAC Photo lipstick is available on counter in New Zealand, because the Artificially Wild collection was only launched here at the Pro store. Like I said though, it’s available online, and it’s dope as hell. I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of this, I’m certain!

If you’re skeptical about buying lipstick online without trying it on (especially if brown isn’t something you usually go for), I would recommend going into Mecca Cosmetica and looking at the NARS Audacious lipstick in Deborah. It’s still expensive, so it’s not an amazingly affordable dupe discovery, but it’s quite similar.

Brown lipstick. Is it for you, or is it forever condemned in your mind as a colour your mother wore?

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  • Steph Hicks

    Wow you really suite brown lippy! Xo

  • Arrabella Bolter

    Like you I have really brown hair and eyes, so it’s just natural that it goes on my lips too. Devils Food which came out as part of Baking Beauties collection was my first, and is gorgeously sheer with a Frost finish; then you can put Nightmoth underneath. I also have Jist which is much more bronze and Tunnel of Love Superglass. And sometimes I find brow pencils that aren’t quite the right colour – put em on my lips!

    • Ooh I remember the Baking Beauties collection. Did you get the beauty powder from that collection? It was so pretty!

  • Georgina

    You are a mega babe! Love this shade on you. I could never pull off brown lippies, although I’m kind of tempted to get one just to try xx

    Georgina | Baby Rebel

    • You def have to try one, Georgina! Do you have any brown eyeliners? You could try applying one lightly with some clear gloss or a sheer red/berry lipstick over the top!

  • goddamn you stunner. This colour looks amazing on you. Brown shades are slowly warming on me!

    • <3 Thanks Elese! I think if you found the right brown it could look really awesome with your blonde hair!

  • Photo was repromoted in Artificially Wild and is part of the permanent range 🙂 I don’t recall seeing at the Wellington counter either though, maybe they only have it at the Pro store here?

    • Yeah it’s permanent on the MAC website but not in stores :((((