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I liked this photo so much that I made it my sidebar profile photo, even though my hand looks weird as hell. Callum says it makes my eyes look swollen, and maybe it does, but if you look close enough you’ll see that’s metallic copper eyeshadow underneath my eyes, and definitely not swelling. This look was mostly to test out the Milani Bella Eyes gel powder eyeshadows – I’ve got Bella Copper and Bella Espresso. I’ve paired it with a couple of new lipsticks, as well as finding that Bella Copper is a dupe for an old MAC favourite.

I was very slow on the uptake with Milani products, and really only took the plunge with these when I was in pursuit of a good bronze cream eyeshadow. As you can see, neither of these shades are bronze, nor are they cream or gel in the sense I was imagining. Instead they’re that almost-creamy, buttery thick texture that some metallic shadows have – I expect quite similar to Colourpop eyeshadows.


Milani Bella Eyes gel powder eyeshadow in Bella Espresso (top, satin matte finish) and Bella Copper (bottom, metallic finish).  As is the case with most things, the metallic shade is more pigmented and creamy than the matte, although as you can see in the swatch it’s still got awesome pigmentation.

I got these from Beauty Joint for US $5.49 each. They come with 1.4g of product – for reference, a MAC eyeshadow is 1.5g.


I’ve got Bella Copper on my lid and inner corner, and Bella Espresso through my crease and outer corner. Maybe my crease blending could do with some work. Oh well. I feel like I’m getting better at putting blush on my face, though? Blush has always been something I wasn’t quite sure how to do. I really like how pros do it (like in my $2000 face post) but I could never get it exactly the same. I’ve been practising, though!


I first paired this look with the MAC matte lipstick called Styled in Sepia. I thought I had missed out on this when it sold out quickly, which like, no surprises there, because it’s really great. I found it on Nordstrom (although sadly it is now sold out there too) and snapped it up. It kinda works with the rest of the look, I think?


While we’re talking about MAC products, what struck me was how similar Milani Bella Eyes Bella Copper is to MAC Amber Lights. It’s not a dupe, per se, but it is close enough that you could do without Amber Lights if you had Bella Copper. In fact, this whole eyeshadow look is like a dialed up version of something I did this time last year, using Amber Lights and Quarry.


Lastly, an alternative pairing that I almost think I like better – MAC satin lipstick in Photo. This one is still available so I don’t have to apologise for featuring two sold-out lipsticks in one post! Apparently it is very similar to the NARS Audacious lipstick in Deborah. This does not mean I will not also purchase the NARS Audacious lipstick in Deborah.

So. Questions. Who has tried the Milani Bella Eyes allegedly-gel-but-really-just-powder eyeshadows? Who else is annoyed that you can’t find Milani here in stores? Which lipstick pairing do you like better, Styled in Sepia or Photo?

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  • I think I like the second colour pairing better, although both are pretty nice. I still need to experiment with the eyeshadow under the eyes look, I love how it looks on other people but I just haven’t tried it yet! Also I really want to touch those shadows.

    • Since starting to put eyeshadow under my eyes, now I don’t think a look is finished until I do it!

  • Sophie ♥

    Ooh I love these colours! I wonder if these shadows are similar textures to the Australis AC/ME eyeshadows because I do like them. Adding these Milani ones to my wishlist. You need to try their blushers Morgan.

    • Yes, their blushes are next on my list!

  • Love the combination of colours! I don’t think your eyes looks ‘swollen’, haha. I also really like the second lip on you, though they both look great! Would be awesome if Milani was sold here, sometimes instant purchase gratification is better than shipping notifications.

    • I think they do have Milani in some “dollar stores”, but I saw someone on Twitter saying the found a Milani blush there for $22!

  • Steph Hicks

    Bugger I JUST bought something off Beauty Joint this morning! Otherwise I totally would have ordered these, they look AMAZEBALLS on you! And I love that first pic, your hand doesn’t look weird at all! X

    • Ooh thank you! Definitely think about getting some if you’re doing another Beauty Joint order. I’m already picking out the next colours I want!

  • Zoe

    This is literally everything I want my eyeshadow to be – all the time. My friend is heading to Boston next month and I’ve sent her with a list as long as my arm, much of which consists of Milani blushes. May have to add Bella Copper though!

    • Aw thank you! You better be sending your friend to Sephora…

  • ok! I’m sold.. buying these 🙂 and you are so stunning Morgan..Gorgeous xx