FACE | I treated myself with a Charlotte Tilbury haul


Oh god, more new makeup? I’ve got a confession to make… I made a few last minute purchases in December before starting my 2015 no-buy. This one I’m justifying as a congratulatory treat I bought myself with my first payment from xoVain. I’ve been back-and-forthing about the price of her products for a while, but this seemed like the perfect time for indulging in a Charlotte Tilbury haul.

This is an image-heavy post, because these products are very pretty. And I have a new camera. I couldn’t help it.


I bought these from the official US Charlotte Tilbury website, where the Mini Lipstick Charms are still in stock – I’m pretty sure they were a special release for Christmas. These lipsticks are certainly tiny, but adorably so. Individual Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are $32 each, but this set was $39 and allowed me to try three of them.

The tubes have a ribbon attached to the top, so I suppose you could tie one to your keyring, for example, and have the most glamorous set of keys south of the Bombay Hills. The lids snap on snugly, so I don’t think there’s too much risk of the operative part of the lipstick tube getting lost.


Man, looking at these photos up close, they’re pretty noisy. I guess I’m still getting used to my new camera. Oh well, at least you can see the lipsticks, which is the important part!


From left to right, Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipsticks in Penelope Pink, Bitch Perfect, and So Marilyn. The formula is opaque and creamy, although it is a little hard to apply on the lips from such a tiny bullet.


Just a quick snap to show that I bought two Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat lip pencils, in Iconic Nude and Pillow Talk. I’ve been wearing lip pencils more than lipsticks lately, to be honest, so I will have a full post dedicated to these guys online in time.


The Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes were what I spent the longest time deliberating over. I know there has been a lot of love piled on them online, but I’ve also read lukewarm reviews when it comes to pigmentation, especially the glittery shadows. The decision was made much harder by not being able to see the products in person.

In the end, I decided on the Luxury Palette in Fallen Angel. It’s another Christmas release that’s hanging around, and although it’s more expensive than the other eye palettes ($65 vs $52), the packaging is cuter than usual and there are no dud shadows. The formula of these shadows is different to the others, too, and can be used wet or dry.


I was considering keeping it pristine before I took photos, and then I realised that was stupid. I may have spent an inordinate amount of money on this palette, but I didn’t buy it to just use as a prop. In fact, that’s even more reason to get good use out of it.


There are three shimmery shades, and then the black is matte. The black has a bluish tone in the pan, but that doesn’t translate onto the eye at all. All of the shimmers are very fine, and there’s no big chunks of glitter or anything. I’ve always had trouble taking accurate swatch  photos of shimmery products, so I thought I would make a gif (!) to show you what they look like under natural light. The second gold shade looks particularly dope. Ignore the gnarly glitch when the gif loops… the iMovie update makes it much harder to make gifs out of video than it used to be.

Charlotte Tilbury gif

And, finally, my face; I’ve got the bronze shade all around my eyes and So Marilyn on my lips. This was at the very end of the day after work, so my foundation is looking a little worn. That being said, it’s probably most accurate to what I usually look like!


So like I said, I bought these products from the US Charlotte Tilbury site (it worked out cheaper with the New Zealand exchange rate than shopping from the UK site) and used NZ Post’s Youshop service to get them here. I paid using Paypal.

You can also buy Charlotte Tilbury on Net-A-Porter or Beautylish, although they have sold out of the Mini Lipstick Charms. I’ve also just noticed that Net-A-Porter is selling the Fallen Angel palette for $100 USD, which is significantly more than the CT site.

Let me know if you want to know anything else about my Charlotte Tilbury haul! I haven’t used the products long enough to make a fully educated review, although at this stage I’m not experiencing anything that really justifies the cost, compared to slightly more affordable brands.

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury products, or have you resisted the urge better than I did?

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  • Good god woman. These look beautiful! I’ve had Pillowtalk on my wishlist for a while, along with some of the contouring products and eyeshadows. Not at all ashamed to say that a big part of wanting to get some of her products is the packaging. So glam, but not in a super tacky way!

    • The packaging was definitely a factor in picking the Fallen Angel palette over the others. You’re lucky you can see the products in person! I was tempted by the contour duo but I have enough bronzers and highlighters to last a lifetime…

  • Jay S

    The shadows look especially gorgeous! xoxo


  • Ahhh so jealous!!! Great haul ♥ I think I wanna place a CT haul too heheh after seeing this post, I just totally sure I need her products in my life, esp the KISSING lipsticks and the lip liner! Also been wanting to try their face powder, I heard that product offers an air brush flawless finish! Sounds too good to be true?!

    • I wanted to try her face products, but I wasn’t sure what shades to get. I wish there was a physical stockist of Charlotte Tilbury in New Zealand!

  • Nina

    Hands down my fave post on Hyacinth Girl! GIF swatches are the best!

    • Aww yay, thanks Nina!

  • Georgina

    Woo! GIFs! Charlotte Tilbury packaging is so gorgeous, and you look absolutely beautiful! Love the lippie on you!

  • jamie-lee

    Was the Fallen Star palette smaller than the normal Luxury Palette? I ask because I’ve read it is which is what put me off buying it (the colours are just gorgeous though).

    Do you think it would be cheaper to get the stuff from Beautylish? It’s free shipping if you spend $150, although you’re paying in US prices so…

    My two favourite things that I’ve bought are the mascara and the Filmstar bronze and glow. I ended up getting the mascara and one of the luxury palettes for mum for her birthday and she liked both. I’ve been told by my friend who works in the beauty industry (freelance marketer often at L’Oreal) that the foundation is a-m-a-z-i-n-g – so I kinda wish I could swatch it as it’s hard to tell your shade on the internet….


    • I don’t know if it is smaller to be honest… it never occurred to me, haha. It is quite small! Gonna be hard to find out without buying a regular one, haha.

      This order came out to $148 USD so it probably would have been cheaper for me to get something small extra and buy it from Beautylish! My Youshop shipping was only $17 though so it’s not too bad.

      • jamie-lee

        Well, I’ve got the luxury palette so I’ll measure mine… 😉 Mine is 6.6cm wide by 6.6 tall, and the eyeshadow pans are 2.5cm wide by 1.7cm tall. I’m just curious as it is more expensive and I’m still thinking about buying it.

        • Just measured mine – it’s exactly the same! They are the same weights too, I just checked on Nordstrom. Both 0.18oz!

          • jamie-lee

            That is SO dangerous to know, I’ve had it sitting in my Beautylish wishlist so I think I’m going to be avoiding that site for a wee while…

  • nice review! I have just ordered the Film Star Bronze and Glow from Beautylish! Very excited to try it out and review it.

  • Kendra Herrick

    Hey Morgan! Do you still use these products? I want to make an order but like you said its hard without seeing them physically!

    • Hello! Yes I do, the lip liners are fab (especially Iconic Nude, one of my favs – I’m wearing it in my latest post!) and the eyeshadows are ok – I’m really bad at using my smaller palettes and singles but I like to travel with it. The mini lipsticks were more novelty than anything else! I’d hesitate to buy skin products from Charlotte Tilbury still, I think.