HAIR | The fringe I got and regretted immediately

Growing Out Long Bangs

I got a fringe cut in last time I got my hair done, because I’m an idiot and I was bored with growing my hair out. Of course, I regretted it immediately. The fault is one hundred percent my own, and zero percent Matt’s (he’s my hair stylist). I am lazy when it comes to styling my hair. I’m also not very good at using a straightener, and a straightener is what my fringe needs to look normal.

I wrote about this for xoVain in a post that went up today, but I wanted to include some anecdotes that got cut in the xo editorial process.

I guess you would call it a split fringe, or curtain bangs. My xoVain post calls them bangs because American readership etc etc. Is there a definable difference between a fringe and bangs, or is it just a cultural difference in terminology? Regardless, I’m super grateful the fringe is long, because it means I can already sweep it back with the rest of my hair and pretend it doesn’t exist. To an extent.

Growing Out A Long Fringe

The first time I got a straight across fringe and immediately hated it, I was in high school. It was several weeks before graduation, so, despite looking 17 all through my last year of school, I look about twelve in all my graduation pictures. (I just went and uncovered my old Bebo account to find one. Here you go.)

Hyacinth Girl at high school graduation

I’m wearing the cream dress, if you can’t figure out which one I am. This was at my graduation dinner – we wore uniforms during the day.

In late high school the general trend was to have a bump at the front of your hair. I’m sure you know what I mean. Sometimes they were called ‘front poofs’. This trend was convenient if you needed to hide your fringe (although only if it was long enough). According to Google, it was generally sported by Disney Original Show stars. This furthers my desire to never do this with my hair ever again.


The other funny fringe story I have is from when I was in Year 7. There was a girl in another class who took scissors and chopped off her whole fringe, right at the roots. Even at eleven years old, I knew this was not the best idea. I’m pretty sure I was never in a class with her my entire way through high school, so this is legitimately the only way I knew who she was.

Braided fringe hairstyle

The post on xoVain has details on the ways I’ve been styling my hair since I got the fringe, although who am I kidding, most of the time I’m wearing a high ponytail. Neigh. Holla at me if you’ve regretted a fringe before, because I know I’m not the only one!

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  • Sara Michelle

    Fringe and Bangs are synonymous, just cultural. Perfectly interchangeable, except for the fact that one is singular and one in plural.
    I’ve had what I would call “side-swept bangs” since I was 12 or so. When I was 17 I decided that I wanted a straight-cut fringe. I regretted it within about a week when I realized that they needed styling every single day. Since I regularly keep my hair parted to the side, it was pretty easy to re-purpose them to my usual style once they grew a bit.

    • Awesome, thank you for answering that question! You’re a source I can trust 🙂
      A side-swept fringe was my staple all through high school… mostly because I considered myself ’emo’, though.

  • I’ve had bangs for almost 10 years now, and at the moment I’m trying to grow them out for the sake of, I don’t know, experimentation? But my favorite thing about them is that every 8 weeks or so I can change my style in a fairly noticeable way. I had a stylist who was really awesome with bangs and always had something new up her sleeve. I just think they’re fun. And I think you look nice! The styles you’re sporting look really flattering.

    • Thanks Erin! I’ve always liked your bangs. Do you have to style them every day, or are you one of the lucky people whose hair sits nicely in bangs naturally?

      • Hey, thank you! It totally depends on the cut. When I have straight-across-the-forehead kinds of styles then they always demand to be styled, but more angled styles actually air dry pretty nicely. I think the reason is that they’ll never air dry symmetrically, but if the bangs are asymmetrical to begin with it’s not as much of a problem!

  • Sophie ♥

    I had one of those blunt, straight across fringes up to about Year 7 of high school (merci mother) & I loathed it! As I wore glasses at that time it really just got in the way so I grew it out when I was 11 & have only ever had side-fringes since during the Fall Out Boy+My Chem phase, not that I would consider myself an emo back then haha. Basically I have sworn off fringes for the time being. So much cringe.

    • I had a blunt fringe when I was a kid and it looked super cute! Now, not so much.

  • Cesy

    I keep getting a blunt fringe cut and I do not know why! I must must must remind my hairdresser to cut it into a side swept fringe. I do not have the weight of hair for it to look really chic, it’s just floppy and looks sad. However I do need a slight fringe to hide my giant forehead with big bump on it from a childhood accident.

    • I always want to look like a chic indie girl with a blunt long bob and heavy fringe… but I have to accept that it will never work for me. Thank goodness for the side-swept fringe!

      • Cesy

        Yes! I was in a wedding a few weeks back where the Maid of Honour had such hair and oh I was jealous. I promptly decided it was time to retire my attempt at such a fringe after seeing how it was supposed to be done.

  • The poof! Oh man, I always did that with my hair at school – thought it looked so cool for reasons I don’t quite understand.

    • Cesy

      I think you guys must have got off better, because had what was called (and I absolutely cringe about it now) “slut strands”- two long thing pieces of hair starting from the very top of our forehead to down past our ears. Oh so very awful.

      • Oh we had those too, but that was early high school for me. And, luckily, we called them by the much less offensive and much more vague term “bits”!

        • Cesy

          Early 2000’s were not a kind time, and neither are teenagers.

      • Ah, we called it ‘slut flaps’ – such a gross term!!

  • Toni

    I have the worst cowlick known to mankind, so every time I’ve gone and got a fringe cut it has never been easy to keep looking awesome.

    • My cowlick is terrible when I let my hair air dry. I just thought about why they’re called ‘cowlicks’ and I am delighted at the imagery it’s conjuring up.

  • Alaina Furlong

    I went through stages of getting a full, straight fringe.. and it really has never done ANYTHING for me, the first time I washed it after getting it done, I totally regretted the decision. Would grow it out and then want a change, so end up getting it done again.

    Ahh the poof, that brings back some horrendous memories from early high school, trying to hide the horrid full fringe resulted in the poof. Not sure which was worse on me!

  • We ALL been there and I also find myself re-visiting a fringe every few years!

    🙂 x

  • A bowl cut was mandatory when I was a kid, but a couple of years ago, I revisited the fringe and then I spent a year growing it out. Now that it’s grown out, I keep thinking that I’ll look cute in a fringe. It’s like you never learn. Fringes look great on some people, but mostly they get greasy really quick and stick out in funny directions.

  • Cassie Marie

    I didn’t even really get a “fringe” or good side bangs. I literally just cut mine by myself last night and got almost straight across bangs but they are too long to go straight across, but not long enough to be side bangs. Worst decision I’ve ever had in my entire life. I immediately regretted doing that and cried until about 3am. I am still very upset today and I know it is going to take forever to grow out. Since it isn’t long enough to be side bangs but too long for straight across, I literally look awful all the time and cannot do ANYTHING with my hair anymore. any advice on how to make it look good without cutting it or how to grow it out fast?

    • Can you pin them back – either straight back, or to the side? Cute hair clips will help!

      • Cassie Marie

        yes that is what I have been doing since then 🙂 I’ve came to realize that it could have been a lot worse haha. I actually started laughing at them when I got out of the shower because I naturally have a big cowlick on the side they are on. It made them look weird. But I realized that it isn’t that important. They will grow back and I just need to not focus on them haha.