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2014 was the year of skincare on Hyacinth Girl, so it only makes sense to round up my 2014 skincare favourites as well as makeup. I could have posted almost every product I used, but these were the ones I truly valued. Another common thread with all of these products is that they’re largely affordable products that have surprised me by how dope they are. 

Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Everyday Cleaner, Sensitive Formula
This has got to be product of the year for me. I came across it entirely by accident and it’s still a little hard to believe: an AHA that’s affordable, non-irritating and alcohol free! I know a lot of my readers have bought this one and like it too. I wrote this whole big post on AHAs and chemical exfoliants in general.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I bought Bioderma earlier in the year but this does exactly the same thing. It’s a makeup removing water and I like to do a bit of a once over with this on my face before I use my main cream cleanser at night. I think you have to buy this from Feel Unique if you’re in New Zealand but it’s cheap as fuck and they have free worldwide delivery for orders over ten pounds so, wah. The bottle says it’s enough for 200 uses and I was all “good one, doubt it”, but I’d say I’ve used it at least 100 times and I’m just over halfway through, so that’s impressive.

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream*
Is deodorant skincare? It’s not makeup, anyway, so it will have to fit in this post. I wrote extensively on this deodorant earlier in the year and it’s still giving me good mileage. It has made it into my top products of the year because I was so surprised by how functional it is. I genuinely like using it. Sometimes my armpits feel wet when it’s really hot (because it’s not an anti-perspirant) but I never stink, and that’s rad.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel*
Yet another product that truly surprised me by how rad it is. And cheap. And good and light and smooth and non-greasy and all the things you don’t expect a supermarket hydrating moisturiser to be, especially on oily skin. I honestly can’t recommend this enough. It’s good under makeup. It’s in a fancy-looking tub. I won’t feel reluctant to buy another, because I can pick one up while I’m buying baby leaf spinach and gnocchi for dinner at New World.

I’m aware that two of my 2014 skincare favourites were sent to me gratis (shoutout to Oh Natural and Neutrogena NZ!) but you better bloody trust me by now not to rave about shit I don’t truly love.

Bonus thing that’s dope: Rekorderlig Elderflower and Lime cider. Or anything with elderflower at the moment, really.

Hit me with your 2014 skincare favourites!

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  • Oooh I have tried a couple of things from Formula before~ ^ – ^
    I especially love their Masks! ^ w ^

  • Marsya Jauzi

    I heard many good hypes about the garnier product? Is it really good? Great post btw.

  • Jay S

    I’ve been wanting to try the garnier one forever!!!

  • Maddy de Young
    • Yes, I saw this! Also recently had some elderflower cordial my Mum’s friend had made from flowers she picked. Callum got given some Polish bisongrass vodka for Christmas and I can see the flavours going really well together!

  • Amy Holland

    I’ve been wanting to try the Garnier cleansing water for a while now. It had better come out in nz soon! Is the formula 10.0.6 aha a cleanser or toner? I’ve read that ahas/bhas are only useful if they’re a leave-on type product. I have been looking for an aha/bha for my oily-acne skin. You’ve convinced me to get to the Neutrogena moisturiser but I’ve decided to be a good girl and use up my current one first. It’s seemingly taking forever…

    • The Formula 10.0.6 product says cleanser on the label but it has a water consistency and I use it as a toner and leave it on. I wouldn’t rate it as a cleanser.

  • Talia

    The deodorant cream was great…until I got a rash. Dammit! The team that make it were super helpful and nice and offered me advice on other products I could try since i was so sensitive to something in it and obviously not their products fault. (sidenote: I am hella allergic to a lot of stuff so go through A LOT of products trying to find out if they will be okay for my skin/mainly my face)

    • Oh no! That’s so good they were helpful about it though. Did you figure out exactly what ingredient irritated you?