OFYAOFM | Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner


Trilogy have hooked me up with a bottle of their Hydrating Mist Toner for this round of ‘One for you and one for me’ – the last one for 2014. If you’ve been here for a while you might remember this toner from way back in April when I got a chance to try it. As far as toning facial spritzes go, this is a good one. Read on for more details and how to get your hands on this bottle for yourself!

The Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner is lightly fragranced with rose, geranium and lavender. It has an aloe juice base so it’s truly hydrating (although of course you’ve got to follow it with a moisturiser). At NZ $29 it’s fairly affordable as you’ll take a while to get through it all – I got my bottle in April and it’s still going strong.


I’m a sucker for that frosted brown glass packaging, and I think this bottle looks really nice on display (much nicer than the Home Essentials bottle of witch hazel, for example). I’ve skipped out on the waking up/having a shower/going back to bed routine I mentioned the last time I wrote about this toner, but I do still like to keep it next to my bed. The lavender makes it a nice relaxing facial spray for bedtime!

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