GIFTS | Medium-sized gifts to give – a guide, of sorts


Christmas is coming and I don’t like it. I mean, I like Christmas, I just don’t like how soon it is and how under-prepared and under-financed I am. Gift-giving is so stressful! I want to give meaningful gifts for people and not just useless crap.

I don’t know how many of these ‘guide’ posts I’ll be doing, but here is one about medium-sized gifts to begin with, anyway. Gift guides are hard because I don’t know who you all are buying for, so I have made lists of pros and cons for each of these ideas.

Nice-smelling bathy things (the easy gift): Pros

  1. There are lots of options to choose from – bath salts, hand cream, shower gel
  2. Everyone needs to wash their body so shower gel will be useful at least
  3. The Bathory* lets you customise the fragrance, which makes it special

Nice-smelling things: Cons

  1. Nothing says “I didn’t think very hard about what to get you” more than bath things
  2. You’ll inevitably buy something coconut-scented for the person who hates coconut
  3. Some people, like me, hate baths therefore bath salts are useless to me

A Tangle Teezer*: Pros

  1. I have always wanted one so I am going to assume that everyone else also wants one
  2. It does a really good job of brushing Callum’s beard so it is a truly unisex gift
  3. It is a pink shiny hairbrush with a lid in festive packaging (novelty factor)

Tangle Teezer: Cons

  1. It is a pink shiny hairbrush with a lid (confusion factor)
  2. This is no good for people with super curly hair
  3. It’s $30 for a hair brush (but at least it’s not $300)

Fragrance: Pros

  1. It’s a really great gift if you get it right
  2. It’s an admission that you think highly of someone and of your relationship with them
  3. Some people are reluctant to drop $ on fragrance for themselves (me) so you can do it for them

Fragrance: Cons

  1. What if you get them perfume that reminds them of an ex/awkward time in their life/person they hate
  2. If you get it wrong, it’s an expensive and embarrassing mistake
  3. Fragrance comes in all shapes and sizes, and Avon* or Joop! says something different to Issey Miyake or Marc Jacobs


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  • If you don’t like baths then you don’t like life.

  • Arrabella Bolter

    Re: boyfriends with beards; washing them in the shower is just the funnest thing, right? Has he tried beard oil? Lamberts sells amazing stuff at Left Bank night market, or matchbox!
    Please tell me you’re doing a beauty bliss haul soon! LOVE the Sigma brushes, tossing up quantity or the one of the MAC holiday collection :3

    • Yes he uses Lamberts beard oil! I am gonna get him to do a beard post next year I think. He takes such good care of it!
      Christmas is destroying me financially and putting buying things for other people over myself at the moment so I may not be doing any more shopping until next year! 🙁