EYES | The Younique 3D Fibre Lash saga


Younique Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lash mascara needs no introduction if you spend any time on the beauty-focused part of the internet. If you’re not familiar, it’s a ~revolutionary lash technology system~ sold in an aggressive pyramid scheme. To be fair, the seller who supplied me with this set for review was polite and not aggressive at all. I didn’t pay for it, nor would I, but I was desperate to try it out to find whether my eyelashes would be transformed into something I have only dreamed of. That’s the line, for real. This turned into quite a saga, so let me recount my experience.


I wasn’t really sure where to start, but I wanted to give this system a good, fair go, so I made a morning of it. I cleared my dining room table, got out everything I thought I needed, and sat down ready to go. Based on what the internet says, my lash set should have come with instructions, and it probably did but I couldn’t find them, so I had my computer handy for guidance. I watched this video of one of the founders of Younique using the fibres and she made it look relatively easy.


Inside the case are two mascara-looking tubes. One is the transplanting gel, and the other contains the fibres. So far, so good, if a little bulky for mascara.


I figured I should take a before photo of my eyelashes for comparison. I’m wearing the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst on my eyelids, if you’re wondering.

Then I got worried and looked up Kirsty’s review of the same Younique product for more expert guidance. I was nervous. She said ‘you better have a lash comb or several hundred spoolies’ and I only had one spoolie. I figured two lash combs would be even better than one, so I went and got both of mine. I also got some toilet paper to supplement the baby wipes I already had on hand. This product seemed messy.


Okay, let’s try this again. Supplies, check.


Another before photo, check. Note the concerned look.


Then I got worried again and went and grabbed a handful of cotton buds. Just in case.


The instructions say to start with one coat of your favourite regular mascara, and then let it dry. I put mascara on, but here’s where I fucked up. I’m sorry guys. This is the step where I disregarded the instructions and only used a mascara I feel generally positive towards. Benefit Bad Gal Lash is not my favourite mascara. I blew it.

I didn’t know this at the time, though, so I moved onto the next step.


The next step was another preparation step. You’re meant to work quickly with this stuff, so I opened both the Moodstruck Transplanting Gel and the Moodstruck Natural Fibres at the same time. Then, on my left top eyelashes, I brushes a coat of transplanting gel, followed by a coat of fibres. This is how it looked.


Opinions may vary on how ‘okay’ this looks, and it’s certainly not terrible, but if you look closely you’ll see that the fibres don’t align with the direction of my lashes, especially at the tips.


There was also quite a lot of fibre fallout that I tried to brush away quickly with the toilet paper. Dregs of it are still stuck to my eyelid, which you can see above.


I decided to try my bottom lashes.


This went even worse than the top lashes, with fibres falling out everywhere and pointing in all different directions, including perpendicular to the direction of my eyelashes (look at the bottom outside corner).

Time for the other eye.


I tried following the fibre application with a quick coat of the transplanting gel to seal them in. It kind of worked, but it mostly glued my eyelashes to each other. No amount of combing, with a spoolie or either of my lash combs, made a difference.

I realised I had been very sparing with the lash fibres, and maybe that was the problem. Maybe it’s a ‘more is more’ kind of situation. Why not try, right?


More fibres means more fall out. Of course. But what if I add more?


Now it looks like my eyelashes are made out of feathers! Fun. They’re more visible now, and they look blacker, and denser, and a little bit longer. I guess this stuff does work!?

It was around this time that I realised almost an hour had passed and I was still faffing about with mascara. It was looking a bit hectic for the daytime, so I decided to test Younique’s claim that the mascara and fibres wash off easily. I started with a baby wipe.


Baby wipe turned the fibres into a sticky paste that adhered very well to my undereye area. I quite like the effect it gives. The fibres look like tiny blue veins close to the surface under the skin, like I’m super tired and fragile and sick of faffing about with fibres. I think my expression supports this. I feel Moodstruck, if you will. It also complements the tiny red blood vessels that were later visible in my eyes from the irritation caused by tiny fibres getting in them.


I’ll leave you with a semi-abstract photo of the mess one eye’s worth of Younique 3D Fibre Lash made of one baby wipe.

I think my thoughts on this product are fairly apparent, but let me conclude for you:

The Younique Moodstruck 3D Fibre Lash mascara case isn’t ugly, but it is large and not suitable for travel, especially considering you need to have a number of other tools, including another mascara, to hand. It could be slightly improved by having space inside the case for your own mascara to fit.

The process of applying the fibres is confusing, time-consuming and messy. It makes a mess of the rest of your makeup as well as a mess of your eyelashes. If I wanted more impact than usual mascara can provide, I would rather attempt to put on false eyelashes than use this again.

I don’t think I can say anything positive about this product. If you want to support Kristal, the Younique seller who sent me this set for review, you can buy Younique through her link here. I’m including this out of courtesy, because she did send me the product at her expense, and I appreciate that.

I would truly love to hear your thoughts about this product and Younique. Do you think I gave it a fair chance? Have you had a better (or worse) experience with it? What about with Younique sellers?


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  • Ellie S

    I’ve never used Younique but never really want to either. Your facial expression in the photo where you tried to remove the mascara is absolutely hilarious!

  • Such an ordeal! Ain’t nobody got time for dat. I haven’t seen anything positive about it online except from the sellers or presenters or whatever they’re called. I was mildly offended no one had offered to send me one but now I feel like I’m not missing out.

  • Catwalk Cult

    Omgosh – this looks like quite the drama filled ordeal for mascara. I’ve actually tried it and was sent it for free – I used it once but mines came with instructions. The lady that sent it was actually super nice as well – but I took my time getting the review up. It was a bit scary and yeah there are just a few extra steps involved but overall it seemed to work for me? I didn’t end up with spider legs looking lashes and it didn’t take an hour to apply – tops ten min?? I’ve seen a lot of negative things about the brand and I think it’s mostly really aggressive reps and I’ve had far too many of them approach me – once was enough, but on the flipside I’ve seen some people that it works for. I honestly haven’t used it again though (mainly due to no time) – BUT maybe have another go? I personally suffer putting on falsies. This was a great review – and you had me in stitches by the end with the photo action going on too. Great post Morgan!!

    • I think the issue with getting fibres in my eyes is enough to put me off forever. I don’t really want to mess around with something that delicate and important!

  • Hannah Bowman

    Wow! This seriously does not look worth the hassle. Love your expressions in the pictures! haha x


    • Laura Evans

      First of all, I use younique all the time and I don’t think you applied it correctly. I have never had flakes and mine has never looked like that. Mine is always in the proper direction and I will show anyone a close up that wants to see it.

      • caffequeen

        Is this a joke?

      • SuzQ10

        Sorry – that really doesn’t look good at all. Really clumpy and messy. I think it is a joke actually (I’m with you caffeequeen). Hmm… after all these reviews – I am definately not buying. Way too risky. 😛

  • Vee

    I haven’t used the Younique mascara but a few years back I did use a Korean version of this and it worked really well. It seemed 100 times less tricky to use than this one, and the fibres weren’t individual so they didn’t fall out (I don’t know if that makes any sense). There was no transplanting gel either, you just put the fibres over your first coat of mascara.

    I have this feeling that Younique is trying to market itself as this amazing new, never before heard of, product, when in reality it is has been done before. And it was much better (IMO).

    • I’m not sure Younique have much of a marketing strategy at all to be honest, apart from slamming everyone as much as possible in the hope maybe one person will buy it. I’d be interested to see if any other brands pull this off better. Apparently Designer Brands have a similar thing.

  • Kayla Wilde

    I cant wear full falsies and my eyes are so sensitive to almost every mascara. The only thing so far that I get the most compliments on is wearing singles. They don’t look as messy as this, don’t need as many tools and once you get the hang of it it only takes five/ten minutes to put them on. Thank you for demonstrating this product!

    • I need to try singles again! I find them easier to apply than full lash falsies, and they will definitely be easier than this bullshit!

  • Elese

    loved this post Morgan – your writing is brilliant. I saw a UK rep trying to sell this to vegans on a vegan FB page the other day claiming that this stuff is “part vegan.” LIKE WHAT?

    • HAHAH everything is ‘part’ vegan!

  • Laura Lock

    Wow! I’m so happy with your honesty on this – I have been wondering for some time if the hype was indeed real, and I have to agree with you – I have nothing positive to say about this product.
    Your post though, completely amazing. Also your face in that last photo of you – priceless! x

  • Christel Hansen

    Hahahaha this is awesome. My biggest problem with younique is definitely the aggressive selling and them not understanding the word “no”.

    • Thanks Christel! :3

    • SO aggressive. Having so may sellers means that you get contacted a dozen times about the same thing.

  • Unpaletteable

    So much lol-ing from this post. It looks like make-up hell up there. Especially when mascara goes on after most other things. A similar thing happens when I use liquid eyeliner, but that’s purely self-inflicted.

    • At least liquid eyeliner doesn’t require fifteen different tools and products, as challenging as it is to master! Maybe I should do a post with some tips?

      • Unpaletteable

        That’s true, this lash kit looks like a well complicated, multi-step faff. Liquid eyeliner is essentially just drawing a line on one’s eye! But it defeats me often enough so yeah, tips would be awesome. Just that things where you realise you’ve been stood at the mirror for aaages, adding/erasing mistakes endlessly….ugh. My eyes have foldy outer-corners though, so I tell myself I’ve got it tough, heh.

        • I have perennial trouble with my hooded eyelids and liquid eyeliner too. I’m almost resigned to the fact I can never really have a good cat-eye wing.

  • Kezia Lynch

    It looks like being “moonstruck” is about as bad as being lightning struck :/ great post!

  • Jackie Jean

    There was something like this going around when I was in high school (nearly 10 years ago) .. It didn’t work then and it obviously isn’t doing so great now either. Thanks for the post, your brutal honesty is always a good read =) x

    • Hah, thanks Jackie!

    • I remember that stuff. it was a cream with plastic fibers in it.

  • That’s so funny, I did try my hardest!

  • Inés Landberg

    I only use the two Younique components and it takes me as long as any other mascara to apply it, not necessary to faff with anything else before using Younique. I use one coat and thats all and have no fibres falling out or hanging about unless my mascara is pretty old. I also only use the gel on my lower lashes (like I would use ordinary mascara on it, I don’t bother with fibres on them and don’t know anyone who would do)

    Do you know how much junk and chemicals are in a baby wipe ? … I am not surprised your eyes got irritated, wouldn’t blame it on Younique Moodstruck Mascara. A cotton bud and water cleans it off perfectly.

  • Louisa

    I applaud your honesty, I think the key with this is practice. I used to get a lot of fall out with my fibres and now I get nothing because I’ve practiced a lot and watched different review videos. Just takes time and patience, but it works! 🙂

  • LOL

    You’re a fucking idiot. Why do you not know how to put mascara on?

    You don’t need tools and it shouldn’t take an hour! Just give up.

    Transplant gel, fibres then transplant gel – 5 mins of your time (if that).

    • Hi, thanks for your feedback. Constructive criticism is welcome here, but calling me a ‘fucking idiot’ is probably a bit much. I’ll be deleting your comment.

  • Jade Claire Bakewell

    This is frigging hilarious ????

    ‘Sold in an aggressive pyramid scheme’ – clearly Part of a competing direct sales company and you never wanted to enjoy the product in the first place.

    Anyway, for those of you reading this crap, Younique is a fab company that offers a great deal to those who are a part of it, whether that be presenters or customers.

    As for the mascara, it takes minutes to apply, and frankly I find the results to be magnificent! Just like the rest of their products. This poor girl obviously isn’t very competent, seeing as she thinks using baby wipes (manufactured for babies bottoms) to cleanse her eyes is acceptable.

    Best regards,
    Me ????????

    P.s the photos attached are my personal fibrelash results ???? so don’t give up hope.

    • Hi Jade, thanks for your feedback. I do work for a cosmetic company but at the time of this review I was entirely impartial. For what it’s worth, I think your eyelashes in your photos look awfully clumpy, but you do you.

    • Kazzie G

      Tbh the pics don’t look that good… that’s not the look I’d imagine, that just reminds of those girls who put too much mascara on over false eye lashes?

    • Yeah but that doesn’t look good. It is not a look that any makeup artist would use, and it looks sharp and crunchy, not soft like real eyelashes.

    • punkdinosaur

      This comment is just really desperate.

    • DitchDiveDiva

      Those lashes look nasty.

  • Kazzie G

    Shit did I laugh.
    This was me this morning. All other Younique products are lovely, but these I battled with. All day I was scared to touch near my eye in case I severed it with the fibres and ended up blind.
    My eyes burn. I think I did it wrong.

  • I had a very similar experience. I found that one coat was okay but no better than my good mascara. The binder has propylene glycol in it and its a huge irritant for me.