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Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 10.41.42 AMNone of the channels in this screenshot are from New Zealand. You’ll have to click through to see who my favourites are!

Today I want to share some of my favourite lesser-known New Zealand YouTubers. I’m subscribed to over 100 channels on YouTube, mostly beauty-related, and of course I follow people like Shannon Harris, but everyone knows about her already, and I wanted to give some other people the credit they deserve.

I don’t really watch tutorials so that I can then sit down and recreate what they did, but I feel like by watching so many I kind of absorb all that information. To be honest, a lot of the time when I’m ‘watching’ videos I’m kind of just half-listening while doing something else. I’ll click into the video tab when it sounds like they’re doing something interesting. Otherwise, I’ll set a playlist running and prop my Macbook up on the washing machine to watch while I wash my hair.

Hyacinth Girl best New Zealand youtubers - chinchiminee

First up is my friend Bronwyn, or you might know her as Chin. Her channel is called chinchiminee and it’s not exclusively beauty videos, but she has enough beauty content that it counts! Also that’s how we met and this is my blog, so, you know, I do what I want. I love Bronwyn’s videos because they’re always shot and edited so well. We did a video together back in March and it’s possibly the only video of me on YouTube (for now!).

Hyacinth Girl best New Zealand youtubers - Giovanna Belling

I met Gio (Makeup By Gio) at the Wellington Makeup Obsessives meetup at the beginning of the year and it’s awesome to see how well her channel has taken off. She’s a really skilled makeup artist and I have learned heaps from watching her channel. She has some gorgeous luxury products in her collection. If there’s one video of hers you need to watch, it’s her Get Unready With Me video.

Hyacinth Girl best New Zealand youtubers - Bonnie Beautyxo

Bonnie is the only YouTuber in this list that I haven’t met. Her channel is called Bonnie Beautyxo. She has an enviable makeup collection and I like that she uses both high end and super cheap products. Her videos and looks are always super stylish.

Lately I’ve been tempted to film a video, not least because I currently have a friend staying who owns a camera that records video (mine is too old). And to say hi! And to teach you guys how to pronounce ‘hyacinth’. You should probably leave a comment if you want me to do it.

Who are your favourite under-celebrated YouTubers?


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  • Charli Marie

    Love this post! It makes me happy whenever I see people talking about smaller YouTubers because honestly, these Youtubers above make videos that are just as good as the gals with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, if not better!

    • Sometimes it makes me sad that some Youtubers are so popular purely because they got in ‘first’, and the smaller ones who deserve attention miss out or get accused of copying.

  • anjaok

    Do it please!

  • Zoe
    • Ooh I will check her out!

  • Arrabella Bolter

    Just watched your vid with Bronwyn, so nice to put a voice to the face! The thing I like most about this is: hourglass, T2 & Lush are all things in walking distance and I can ACTUALLY try ^.^
    Love Wellington based bloggers 😀

    • I’m going to try and write more local-related content soon so I am glad you liked it!

  • jamie-lee

    Great post Morgan! I’ve actually just started getting into Youtube and watching videos on there in general, and using it as another dimension to my blog, so it’s great to be able to add a few more you tubers to my subscribe list (which was currently 4 before this post!).

    And just because I’m enjoying doing it myself and I am just curious about people in general I say yes you should TOTALLY do a video blog. x

    • Thanks Jamie! I’ve been really enjoying your videos. It’s such a good way to get an idea of what people are really like!

      • jamie-lee

        I’ve been meaning to reply to this for SO long. It’s just been sitting in my inbox all sad and lonely and not replied to. Whoops. I’m really glad that you’re enjoying my videos – it’s a little strange but I am REALLY getting into it. I hope that you do a solo one at some point. By the way, I watched your video with Bronwyn, always nice to be able to put a voice to the face! 🙂

  • omg please do videos Morgan, they would be awesome!! – E