TOOLS | Brushegg vs Bossy Brush Cleansing Pad


I’m super lazy with cleaning my brushes. It’s satisfying when I do finally do it, but by god will I wait until every last brush is dirty and I’ve been applying all my makeup with my fingers for a week. I generally need some encouragement, and for this post it came in the form of two silicone brush-cleaning accessories intended to make brush cleaning easier. I wanted to try them out independently, but also pit them against each other, because what’s better than some healthy competition?

Let’s start with the brushegg, because I spent real money on this. To be fair this isn’t a brushegg, it’s a Cleaning Cosmetic Makeup Brush egg Foundation Silicone Cleaner Tool Finger Glove. I bought it on eBay for about $7 NZD including shipping, which is cheaper than the ‘authentic’ brusheggs, and I know I’m usually a huge advocate of buying the real thing but this was a hunk of plastic and I couldn’t quite bring myself to spend $15 NZD on it. To support a New Zealand retailer and buy the real thing, you can get them from Complexions.


Confusingly, the Cleaning Cosmetic Makeup Brush egg Foundation Silicone Cleaner Tool Finger Glove says brushegg on it. You’d never know the difference, to be honest. It’s got dense silicone bobbles on the end and thick silicone ribs running across most of it. You can fit two fingers comfortably in the hole (heyoo) but the inner edges aren’t super comfortable if you’re cleaning brushes for ages.

What I really like about this: the bobbles are really good for getting small brushes super clean. This is A+, OK emoji for eyeshadow brushes, but the surface is a little small for big powder or foundation brushes. It also protects my fingies from getting cold and wrinkly from the running water.


Next up, the Bossy Brush Cleansing Pad* (which I tried in a kit with the Bossy Makeup Brush Shampoo). This wins more points in the cute stakes because the little bobbles are hearts and flowers. Arbitrary and insignificant when it comes to actual effectiveness, but cute as fuck. These bobbles are taller and more widely spaced than the brushegg, which makes them heaps better at cleaning larger brushes. Ordinarily I feel like I need to dig my fingers around in the roots of my foundation brush, for example, to get all that oily gunk buildup out.

The brush rinsing side wasn’t hugely useful to me – the wiggly ridges were too close together to feel any different to just running the brush over a flat surface. I did like how big the pad was overall, though, as I could swirl the brush across all of it to get a good rinse.

The Bossy brush shampoo* smells really nice and, most usefully, it comes with a pump that allows you to dispense only a tiny bit at a time. I usually use baby shampoo, which does the same job at cleaning, but I waste heaps from pouring it out.

When it comes down to it, both of these products are great and I will probably use both of them every time I clean my brushes. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can recommend in good faith that everyone buys them both. Realistically, neither of them are particularly necessary, and you can just do this old thing and it works fine. You’d have to decide whether you had more smaller or larger brushes to clean more often, if you were going to pick between the two.

Do you use any brush cleaning ‘accessories’? Do you clean your brushes at all? In the world of blogging it’s easy to forget that some people don’t, but please, for the love of god, go clean them immediately if you’re like that!

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  • Lizzy

    Great review! Both of these products look interesting but I would probably go with the Bossy cleaner if I were to buy one. That is if I stop being totally lazy.

  • Imogen

    I use a $7 silicon oven glove from Kmart. Works so well!

  • Love your review about these products! Been wanting to get the Brushegg, but don’t know where to get it in here 😐


    • Thank you Mitch! Try ebay?

  • Nora Gouma

    Love your dreamy blog! Good luck with brushes!

  • caity

    I use a cross between the brushegg and the bossy scrubber – it’s a small pink heart shaped pad that does exactly what these two do but is $3 from japanese stores. I thought it’d be gimmicky and shit when I bought it but it makes washing my brushes way quicker and easier (esp coz I’m like you and only wash them when I absolutely have to)

    • Interesting. I’d go looking for one in my local Japan City but then I’d probably end up buying it and I really don’t need any more small brush cleaning tools!

  • Brush cleaning is such a chore and I was really hoping that I had found my new cleaning saviour haha. Do you think the shampoo is any good on it’s own?
    Rachill //

    • Yes it’s a functional shampoo and I like that it is antibacterial! Smells good too. Definitely worth it!