FACE | The bronzer named after my favourite thing


The MAC x Brooke Shields collaboration came out in New Zealand a month or so ago, and I knew I would buy something from it. I may have considered the fifteen-pan eyeshadow palette, but at $300 I was lucky it was sold out by the time I made it to the MAC counter. Instead I bought the bronzing powder, which I was never not going to buy, given its name. It is called Scone, after the very same cheesy, buttery, refined-carby goodness that I consume religiously once a day. (I honestly do eat a scone every single day that I am at work. Sometimes it is the only thing that gets me through the morning.)

Photo 11-10-14 10 03 17 am

These are the aforementioned scones. Look at them. Look at them. How could you reasonably walk past that every day and not need to eat one immediately?

I don’t actually think this bronzer is very scone coloured. Scone suggests a much paler and yellower colour to me, and even non-cheese scones don’t usually get this brown. I’d describe it as more of a terracotta, which is a good thing really because it’s cooler than a lot of orangey bronzers. It’s not the coolest bronzer I own and it’s got nothing on NYX Taupe, but it doesn’t look unnatural on my skin-tone and I am never one for tanning.


The other thing I really, really love about this collection is the packaging. I know a lot of people weren’t fussed about how it looked but honestly, that matte grey plastic really makes it. The square plastic compact in opaque grey with orange text really says ‘early 90s computer’ to me. See?

90s laptop via Mashable

You can see this bronzer in action on my face in my recent Everyday Face post. I’ve been using it daily to warm up my complexion a little while I’m in between foundation shades: NARS Mont Blanc is a smidge too light, but with the bronzer it’s just right.

It’s not a unique bronzer by any means, so don’t feel disappointed if you missed out. I just wanted to dedicate a post to it because I love it so much, for so many silly reasons. Have you ever bought a makeup product because of its name or packaging?

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  • Names totally influence my purchase decisions. I can’t remember a product I purchased especially because of its name, but I will give products a pass if I don’t like the name. I like your observation about the bronzer’s ’90s computer compact, you’re totally right!

    • That reminds me, I would never buy the Kat Von D lipstick called ‘Underage Red’, for example!

      • Yes, totally agree!!

  • lenatalksbeauty

    I frequently buy based on name! I’m writing a post at the moment about eyeshadows that I bought just because they were inspired by a tv show and movie I like. I also love scones a lot. I buy a blueberry muffin most mornings. Now I’m hungry!

  • thedarlingdee .

    I am completely the same. I totally buy based on name. That’s why I’m always suckered into Essie and OPI nail polishes.

    Love your blog, found it through the lovely Rebecca at From Roses.


    • Thanks Dee! I’m definitely like this with nail polish names for sure.

  • Elese

    I had the same thoughts about the matte grey plastic packaging! Seeing all those pictures of scones made me hungry x