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As much as I love watching Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, it has taught me to be wary of beauty salons, so I don’t treat myself as often as I should (budget may also be a factor in this). I was genuinely excited when I heard the news that Spring Spa was opening in Wellington, though, as it’s a venture from the same owners as East Day Spa, which is pretty much the only place I will trust with my face/body/appendages. Last week I got the chance to have a facial at the new Spring Spa Wellington and it was incredible. I will tell you more about how it was incredible, if you’ll let me.


Spring Spa Wellington is on the corner of Tory and Jessie Streets, opposite Moore Wilson’s. This gets a big tick from me right off, because it’s within walking distance of my house, but there is plenty of parking available if you’re lazy. (I’m lazy.)

spring_spa_inside_sm copy

It’s shiny and new, and the interior is absolutely beautiful. Look. LOOK. Don’t you want to live here? The sunshine streams in through the high windows, but there’s still privacy so people walking by aren’t scoping out your relaxation vibes. The loungers in this main space are called pods, designed so your pedicure can be a social experience. (Don’t worry, things like waxing, facials and massages are in private rooms.)


Each pod comes with a Rubik’s cube. These things stress me the hell out so I wouldn’t be picking that up if I came in for a relaxing treatment, but they match the decor and they’re a touch of fun!

I had the Bliss Instant Radiance Oxygen Facial*, which is a 60 minute treatment described as ‘a breath of fresh air for your face’. Bliss is super credible, and exclusive to Spring in New Zealand. I’ve never had a facial before (can you believe it?) but this was honestly a magical experience.

We skipped the glycolic peel because I mentioned my skin can be sensitive, and although I know my skin can handle chemical exfoliants, I’m glad the staff at Spring wanted to be careful. I was kind of blissing out for the rest of the experience so I wasn’t keeping track of what was going on my face, but it was all from the Bliss range. There were hot towels and plenty of facial massage, as well as an amazingly-textured foaming mask which I think was the oxygen part of the facial.

I’m not going to lie, extractions were part of the facial, and they were downright painful. The sensation was very, very similar to getting a tattoo, so I can only imagine what actually getting tattooed on your face would feel like. It was the only part of the facial where I experienced any discomfort, and it left a little redness, but it paid off: I had perfectly clear skin for the whole week following.

spring_spa_before_after_smAfter facial nose-wrinkling: all the visible spots were clear and gone by the next day.


Like I said, they used the Bliss range in the facial, and it’s available in-spa for purchase. They also have the anti-aging range, which I was steered away from because ‘you don’t need that for ten years at least’, and I’ll take the blatant flattery! I was so well looked after the whole time I was there. A big part of the spa experience for me is having some time where you’re taken care of and given attention, and Spring is definitely the place for that. They even gave me a few samples to try. Too nice!


I know Charli‘s already popped by Spring for a brow threading, and I’ll definitely be back with friends to see how the social spa experience works out. Check out their full treatment menu – what would you try?


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  • Charli Marie

    Awesome write up Morgan! And chur for the mention 🙂 I absolutely loved my experience there. Like you, I’ve never been one for regular beauty treatments but the price of threading there is so reasonable that I’m sure I’ll be heading back every 4 weeks as they recommended 🙂

  • jamie-lee

    Okay so… why didn’t I go here while I was home? Devastated! I saw it when I was going to Moore Wilson’s but didn’t think much of what it was (blind I swear). Also, sorry we didn’t get a chance to catch up, I ended up being back to back seeing friends and family. A week home is not long enough that’s for sure…

  • Cluck Gable

    Was this a sponsored / gifted facial in exchange for a blog post?

    • Yes, the facial was free. I indicate gifted products and services with an asterisk as mentioned in my disclaimer page.

  • Tallulah

    This place sounds like total bliss, I also don’t tend to get beauty treatments regularly, but I checked out the full treatment list and the prices are totally reasonable! Seems like a great treat for once exams are over 🙂