FACE | Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade Chocolate vs Medium Brown


I’ve been going on about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade since the start of the year. When the product first launched there were only five shades in the range. Since then they’ve launched three new shades, and I’ve now got both Chocolate and Medium Brown. I thought it might be useful to compare these two next to each other for people who are on the fence about which shade to go with.


Chocolate on the left, Medium Brown on the right. I really liked Chocolate when I got it because it wasn’t too warm-toned, and I still believe that, but next to Medium Brown you can definitely see a difference. Medium Brown is a very true taupe-brown, but it retains enough warmth that your brows don’t look grey.


All these swatches are done with the same angled brush, just with different amounts of product. The Dipbrow Pomade is great because you can do your fierce brows with it, but you can also use barely any and just add a little shadow to sparse brows for a natural look.

I’ll be honest, my loyalties have switched to the Medium Brown shade. My hair is a very cool-toned brown at the moment, so I want to avoid any risk of redness in my brows. I’ll be keeping the Chocolate shade though! Lately it has been living in my handbag, which is handy for emergency eyebrow situations and when I want to show people what Dipbrow is like in real life. (Disclaimer: that has happened several times with people who were genuinely interested, I’m not just forcing my excessive interest in brow products upon everyone I meet.)

Has this post been helpful? Let me know if you use Dipbrow already, or a similar product, and which colour you use!

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  • Charli Marie

    SUCH a helpful post Morgan! I haven’t bought this product because i suck at choosing the right colour and put it in the too hard basket. From seeing this post, I’m gonna try the Medium brown because even though my hair is quite orangey toned, my face looks very strange when my eyebrows are.

  • Christel Hansen

    Great post!! I wouldn’t mind ordering some of this, but was undecided about which shade I’d want. I think I too would prefer the Medium Brown.
    I’m actually using the Elf eyebrow kit at the moment, and have to admit that I’m pretty impressed with it!

  • Megan Penno

    Yes I have been waiting for this post!! I currently have chocolate but it’s a bit to redish for my brows i think med brown would be perf!

  • Have wanted to hear your thoughts on this Morgan. Great post. 2 questions! 1. I have elf kit in Dark. Do I still need Dipbrow in my life? 2. I have black hair.. Would it be medium brown for me too?

    • There is a dark brown shade and an ebony one, but it really depends on how dark you like to draw your brows in! I’d probably suggest going for medium or dark brown unless you like super bold black brows too.

      I think the wax in the ELF brow kit is quite a different texture to dipbrow! No harm in trying both 😉

  • Lena

    Ahh thank you! I’m planning on getting this once I finish my ELF brow kit, and wasn’t sure which one to get.

  • I have a dark brown and I love it! I was never good at doing my brows, but every time I use the Anastasia Dipbrow, it instantly gives me that perfect brow! I love it so much!

  • I don’t often do my brows, but everyone’s been raving about this soooo much I think I might have to try it. At the moment I’m just using my Clinique twist up pencil, which is pretty good, and a new Soap and Glory one which has a liquid side and a waxy pencil side.

    • I have always wanted to try a brow pen like the Soap and Glory one, but never known which one to try!

  • Kezia Lynch

    Hey girl! Another super helpful post! Was wondering what attracted you to chocolate initially instead of its ashier friend Mr dark brown? I am currently tossing up between dark and medium brown and am finding it so hard to find comparison swatches! 🙂

    • I was worried dark brown would be too dark! I’d say you should go with medium brown tbh, because you’re quite fair and medium brown can be built up to be quite dark. Just my two cents! x

      • Kezia Lynch

        I got medium brow on your recommendation and love it! how are yours going in terms of drying out ect?

  • Great post, I have been humming and harring over this product for quite some time and also found the shade selection tricky being in NZ. Finding the perfect brow prodcut is so much harder than it should be haha.


  • Chrissy Brown

    i use the anastasia brow gel atm and i’m keen to get the pomade now!

    • Oh I have been meaning to ask you, where do you get your brows threaded? They are A+

  • Serena Natalie

    I love my Dipbrow Pomade! Since realising the importance of my eyebrows a couple of months ago I was using the Elf eye brow kit, but so many steps and I got quite a bit of fallout, which was weird. haha I’m not sure if its meant to as I was told by a few people that I might still need to hairspray a spoolie and comb after to make sure they stay in place but they totally stay in place all day anyway without the hair spray!

  • Fatima

    Hi, thanks for the post. I am deciding which to get either the medium brown or chocolate i have dark hair which is coloured light brown and i have olive skin. I don’t want my brows to be too harsh and dark and that’s why I was thinking of getting the chocolate but i don’t want any red undertones and that’s why I’m thinking of the medium brown. which one would you say would be best in your opinion?

    thank you

    • I would suggest medium brown, I think! You can apply it very softly to avoid your brows looking too harsh. It might also be better if you decide to go back to having dark hair!

  • rachelizabethh

    So I already ordered my Dipbrow (in medium brown) and your review totally calmed my nerves and now I’m totally glad I went with my instincts!! I also wanted to stay away from any warmth in my brows but I was afraid medium brown would be too dark, but your review and swatches have me sold! Thanks so much!

    • You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help!

  • I’ve been thinking of getting a medium brown dipbrow as my roots get darker and for when I dye my hair purple etc as I think it would probably look better. Sometimes the blonde version I have doesn’t quite cut it and I like the idea of no reddy tones! Great comparison and review Morgan <3

  • tabby moreira

    Just ordered this today! ive been using a drugstore dupe of ABH dip brow that had been working really well for me but i recently lost it…figured i would try out the real deal. I ordered the ABH brush as well, do you use the brush this brush that they recommend with it? I also ordered ELF’s version of this just for kicks to compare against one another and their brush.

    • I use whatever angled brush I can find – my personal favourite is one from Eco Tools, but I bet the Anastasia one will be good too!

  • Amanda Amaya

    Hello! . I have a doubt… I have black hair, Would it be medium brown for me? I’m not sure which one to buy?

    • Hi! I think medium brown would be better than chocolate, for sure. It’s a good choice if you want a cool-toned colour but don’t want to use black.