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You’re meant to introduce new skincare to your routine one product at a time. I do this… it just happens that those times are all on the same day! I’ve been trialling the Aspect Extreme C 20 serum* lately and there’s no risk of this one causing irritation. Its extreme name is indicative of the extreme effects it has on your skin, but they’re the good kind. Shaving-five-years-off-the-age-you-appear kind of good. I don’t know if I really want to look nineteen again, but you’re never too young to start with anti-aging skincare, right?

Vitamin C is a super-powered antioxidant. It does a whole range of things that look after your skin in the short-term, as well as protecting it long-term from UV-related damage. It’s anti-inflammatory, promotes collagen production, and improves the effectiveness of peels.

It also lessens hyper-pigmentation, which is what I’ve primarily been using it for. I get a lot of redness in my cheeks, which I think is cumulative from years of pimples. I’ve also got more localised spots around my chin and across my nose, where more recent pimples have left their marks. I’m getting a lot of this across my nose at the moment, where my glasses sit. (Speaking of, I still haven’t posted with pictures of my glasses! I’ll get right on it.)


Vitamin C is a pretty volatile ingredient, but this serum’s packaging ticks all the boxes for keeping it from deteriorating in light or air. The bottle is opaque, and the pump twists closed for an airtight seal. I actually spent a lot of time at a party on Saturday night semi-drunkenly punishing my friend’s flatmate about how good Vitamin C is, but only if it’s packaged properly. Sorry dude.

I’ve been using this serum before bed, and sometimes in the morning if it’s nearby. It’s lovely and light, and like I said it hasn’t caused any irritation for me at all (I have oily, sensitive skin). It feels like it has really helped reduce the pigmentation in my cheeks, and the texture of my skin feels nicer too. It better, considering this serum costs between $110-130 NZD.

Aspect is a cosmeceutical range only available from clinics and beauty therapists. In Auckland, you can go along and see Lisa at Loft Beauty Boutique, as it’s one of the ranges she carries. I know I’m not in Auckland (and I didn’t even get this from Lisa!) but she is so fab and everyone I know who has seen her for their skin (or their brows) loves her, so, you know. In Wellington, it’s carried at Bodyhaven. For other stockists, take a look at the Advanced Skin Technology website.

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  • Lena

    Sorry, I’m just recovering from the heart attack I had when I read that price! I think I’ll stick with my Paula’s Choice – even though we have to order from the rip-off Aussie store it’s still way less! I do love the effects of Vitamin C on my skin.

    • I’ll probably be trying a more affordable vitamin C serum once this runs out, but I can’t get over how good it is!

  • Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve never really forayed into Korean skincare but I’ve heard so many good things that I might give this one a go.

  • Lena

    I’ve heard about that recently on reddit skincare addiction. I have a brand new bottle of the Paula’s Choice but after that I think I’ll look into it.

  • Jon Snow