Harriet: Packaging is stupid and Sorbet is great

It me, Harriet, here for a little guest appearance. This has been sitting unfinished for a little while but my positive vibes re: these products have not changed. Stay fancy xo. 

I’m currently sitting up in bed with wet hair, fresh outta the shower, so this seems like an extremely appropriate time to talk about the shampoo, conditioner and cleanser that I’ve been using and loving lately. I found Sorbet while reading back through Kirsty’s weekly favourites at Makeup Obsessives, and pretty much right away I had eight tabs open with stuff I wanted to try. Brianne was kind enough to send a few things to try, and the short answer is that I’m really, really impressed.

What I really like about Sorbet is that Brianne is a young woman with her own business, and she’s running it exactly the way she wants to. That means 100% vegan products, with no animal testing and using local ingredients wherever possible. It’s rare to find a company whose values line up so exactly with your own – from women making money to animal rights – so forgive me if I’m frothing a bit.

The major advantage of solids in terms of packaging is that they barely need any – just a wrapper to show you what it is, really. Sorbet goes one step further than that, by using water-soluble paper on the products that are made to get wet. When you take your shampoo into the shower, the paper melts away into nothing, meaning there’s nothing to throw out. Genius.

The first product I want to talk about is called Damage Control, and it’s a shampoo. It retails for $20, which is pretty good considering that in the two weeks I’ve been using it, I’ve barely made a dent. At first use I found solid shampoo to be a bit confusing – had I lathered enough? Did I even get my whole head – but the second time, I figured it out. It cleans my hair, it doesn’t dry it out, and it smells like peppermint, which is the best smell that exists. Every time I use this I mean to tweet saying “there is no need for scents other than peppermint”, but since I can’t exactly have my phone in the shower, it hasn’t happened yet.

Traditionally, conditioner follows shampoo (though why be constrained by convention) so next up is Wonderbar ($27). This is another winner for me. It’s made with coconut oil, cocoa butter and vanilla, so you can imagine how it smells: like cake. When I’ve used coconut oil as a hair mask I’ve found it really good, so it’s a welcome addition to my every-other-day hair washing experience. It also lasts and lasts and lasts, so long as you don’t keep it in the shower between uses. Like the shampoo, it does the job it’s designed for, and it’s pleasant to use. I really like it.

Last up is this solid cleanser, Superstar, which can also be used as a shave gel and a body wash. I didn’t love it for shaving with – I felt like it clogged up in between the blades. For washing my face and body though, it’s great. Sorbet’s website says it was designed to eliminate the need for moisturiser, and while I still use a night cream after this, you could definitely get away without it, depending on your skin. It has sweet orange oil as well as coconut oil and cocoa butter, and I find it does a good job of removing makeup. Another goodie.

The only downside of these guys is that for them to last properly, you do really need to keep them out of the shower, and that means to use them you have to remember to take them in there with you. (On review, I’m wondering if this is an actual problem, or a I’m-so-absent-minded-I-often-forget-a-towel problem). It’s different to liquid products, but I feel like the advantages re: no packaging or cruelty to animals more than make up for it. Sorbet make beautiful products, I’m gonna be repurchasing Damage Control if nothing else. Check them out.

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  • Nishu

    I have the exact same products. All 3 of them and your review is spot on! Already ‘re-purchased damage control. I can’t be without it ever now. And totally agree with u on superstar too. I haven’t been able to love it as much .

    • Glad you liked! Can’t get over how long they last eh, I swear on a per-use it’s cheaper than supermarket shampoo.

  • Maddy de Young

    <3 I really want to try these out. Also, hi Harriet! Nice reading ya.

    • Oh heyyy how you do gal! Glad you enjoyed

  • These sound amazing, will have to check them out.

    Ashley | http://artedellamoda.blogspot.co.nz/

    • Do it! So nice when products you like from a ethical point of view are legit excellent as well.

  • Lena

    Great post! I got one at the Auckland MUO meet up and hadn’t been sure how to use it, so this was useful!

  • I have been wanting to try Sorbet for a long time ^^ maybe will give it a go now ~