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Yesterday on Twitter I mentioned how much I hate when bloggers use the phrase “landed on my desk” or “came across my desk” to talk about products that are provided to them as PR samples. It’s a phrase that draws attention to how casual it’s pretending to be. ‘Oh, no big deal, this happens all the time, it’s my job,’ when in reality, I see it most on small blogs that are imitating bigger bloggers. It’s also silly because how many of these people actually have desks that they a) dedicate to blogging and b) use?

My version of this post is accurately titled ‘On My Dining Table’, because that’s where this stuff lives. The dining table has not been used for dining in possibly a month (we like to eat sitting on the floor, or in bed). It’s also not all PR samples. 


1. Green cotton buds. I bought these from Japan City for #feministmakeupping because they’re so cute. Vee told me off for buying them because she had brought heaps… but they will always be useful. Speaking of, she did a fab write up of the whole thing here.

2. I’ve been trialing LiLash* for the past week or so. I feel like I’m seeing a difference but it might be entirely confirmation bias, so I will reserve my excitement for another month at least.

3. While researching my big post about chemical exfoliants, I found the Formula 10.0.6 range at Farmers. Their So Totally Clean cleansing fluids contain lactic acid, and this one was only $7 because it was half-empty. I’ve been using it for a week and a half maybe, and I am a total convert. Twice daily after cleansing and there is a massive difference in the texture of my skin, especially on my cheeks. I’m not exaggerating about how smooth it makes them.

4. Antipodes are launching their Jubilation Hand and Body Cream* soon, and I am really slack at moisturising my hands and body (my whole body is usually covered up and my hands are usually predisposed transporting chips to my mouth). This one smells really nice and is fancy as fuck, so maybe it will change my habits.

5. My nails are presently bare as I’m tossing up between painting them with Art Deco‘s new season brights* or Mavalas new season nudes*. I’ve been committed to nude nails solidly all winter, so maybe it’s time for some colour? Probably not, if you know me.

6. For the first time since the last time I freaked out about maybe being pregnant (it happens, despite being liberal with contraceptives) I’m looking forward to getting my period, so I can try TOM Organic tampons*. Jenna from Oh Natural kindly sent these to me, because I want to talk a bit more about ‘taboo’ subjects, including menstruation, on Hyacinth Girl, but I don’t really want to endorse mainstream sanitary brands.

7. I’ve been trying to be better with sunscreen for ages, and I think I’ve finally found something I don’t completely hate putting on my face. The Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ just feels like a light moisturiser, and doesn’t affect how my makeup applies. Unfortunately this tiny sample is only enough for a couple of applications, and it’s expensive, but I am trying to convince myself of the entirely reasonable truth that it is worth spending money on.

8. I won Carlys Korean stationery giveaway! Everything is adorable and these notebooks, in particular, will get put to good use. I’ve nearly reached the end of my current blogging notebook, so the navy blue heart-print one is ear-marked to fill its shoes. You should go read Carly’s blog, Amber Eyes, if you don’t already.

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  • Megan

    Definitely report back about lilash! Also you mentioned lactic acid in the cleanser, is this a good thing?

    • Yes! Have a read of the chemical exfoliant post I wrote a couple of weeks ago x

      • Megan

        Cheers, I have purchased the So totally clean cleanser today to give it a go. So cheap!

        • Awesome! Let me know how you find it x

  • carlyhitchcock

    I love the Antipodes hand creams. The new one looks good 🙂 Kiehl’s is great, and anything that isn’t too thick and greasy is perfect for summer. Maybe I’ll try it!

  • Ellie Simatos

    Great post – I also hate it when people use phrases like that! And you’re right about the desk thing… I haven’t used my desk as a desk in years. Usually it stores my clothes.

  • Sophie ♥

    Love this post! To me, “on my desk” implies you’re an editor but anyways. I was sent those Mavala polishes too-really need to try them again. I just can’t be bothered painting my nails right now. Bad blogger I know.

    Sophie | Nana Wintour

  • Lena

    On my dining table is so much more realistic! For me they end up on my makeup desk or bedside table. I’m not into pretending I’m a totes fabulous magazine editior, I’m all about keeping it real! I’ve tried those organic tampons, they were good. Then I moved on to a moon cup which was my peak of hippie-dom.

  • Vee

    YOU GOT THE TAMPONS! (i am so excited about this) (more excited than the cleanser which i am vee excited about) (please report back on ‘fluffiness’ of them) (thanks)

    • Yes I forgot to say you were the one who pointed them out to me! I am currently in the throes of pre-period cramps (I cursed myself by writing this post, I think) so hopefully will get a chance to try them soon!

  • Great post! Love the look of those Art Deco and Mavala nail polishes, very pretty.

    Ashley |

  • Zoe

    I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer broad spectrum SPF50 etc. etc. sunscreen is just as good and half the price (I’m imagining?) at $20ish

    • Thanks for the tip! I have heard before that that one is good, but I do think I have tried it way back in the distant past and didn’t like it so much? I might have to give it another go.

      • Luxelis

        I use the SPF 85+ one and it’s amazing under make up. $22 I think? It’s a frigging godsend I tell ya

        • Hmm I will have to give it another go, I think!

  • Maddy de Young

    Did I tell you that I showed Adam your chem exfoliant post and not he’s letting me devise him a skin care plan? I whooped when he agreed.

    • Nice! Callum has some semblance of a skincare routine, but he often forgets to moisturise. His beard care routine is elaborate, though, and I am planning on getting him to write about it here!

      • Maddy de Young

        Oh please do! Adam needs inspiration on that front too.

  • They are a little expensive when you look at them per use, but I’m not really sure if there’s anything else out there? I guess if you’re ‘blessed’ with a short period it’s not so bad.

  • Those notebooks are gorgeous! Nude nails all the way – sometime I don’t really feel like a bold colour either.

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  • Elese

    Your blog just keeps getting better and better. I’d be interesting in hearing about the “taboo” stuff, I’ll check out the TOM tampons too 🙂 Aaaaalso the navy notebook is my fave, too cute!

    • Ahh thank you Elese! xx

  • Georgie

    Hi Morgan. Great to see you are now trailing the LiLash. I can’t wait to hear about your experience and your long eyelashes. This is a lovely website to visit. It’s great to see LiLash on your ‘dining room table’…[email protected]

  • lenatalksbeauty

    So this came up as a suggested post. There has been no tampon review. Disappointing. (lol)

    • lol Lena, I haven’t needed to use them since I wrote this! hormones are weird

  • punkdinosaur

    I like how you put asterisks next to sponsored/affiliated products. I love your blog, you’re so different from all the other beauty bloggers out there! It’s very refreshing. Keep it up!

    • Thank you so much – I really appreciate your kind words!