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Here’s an excellent things post because I messed up last week and didn’t have one up. I BLEW IT. 

brooke shields

MAC x Brooke Shields
Ummmmmm. Let’s talk for a minute about how beautiful Brooke Shields is. In 1980, and now, and every stage in between. And in October MAC are releasing a collaborative collection with her, including 15 different items. FIFTEEN. It’s getting an international release, but I might actually stay up for this one so I don’t miss out on that palette. I know, I don’t need any more eyeshadows blah blah but it looks REALLY GOOD and is $85 and has such sensible colours and MAC have never done an entire 15 pan palette in an Icon collection before! I am way more excited for this than the Osbourne release, or even any other release from MAC this year, I think. The packaging is lovely and stylish, and the products are so sensible, which means I’ll get plenty of use out of them and won’t feel (as) bad for buying them.

Matthew’s Makeup Madness
The lovely Matt, who I met for the first time at the Christchurch Makeup Obsessives meet up back in May, has started a makeup blog. I’m partly linking it because he has great advice and partly because he mentioned me in his post on blogging inspirations. Apparently I’m an ‘amazing sassy lady’, which, I mean, I’m not going to dispute…


I covered the deNada boutique opening for Thread the other week, but I’m mostly posting because I’m a creep about Rachel Needham, the super fly Kirsty Bunny honey pictured above. I don’t really know how to write about a model I like without being super creepy. She’s great. I feel really sorry for her hair after having it tied in literal knots, but that’s #modellife, right?

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  • Madeleine

    Those colours in the Brooke Shields palettes look b-e-a-utiful. All colours I would use as well!

  • anjaok

    Oh myyy that palette is so PERFECT

  • Vee

    Rachel is actually one of the loveliest people ever, as well as being a 10/10 B A B E

    • I hope she is reading this #creepin

  • I’m eyeing up that palette as well, absolutely love the look of the whole collection!