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One of the most intimidating products in skincare is the serum. Designed for intensive treatment targeted at a specific issue, serums are often the most expensive part of your skincare routine. If you’re spending major cash, you want to be certain a product will work. This is why I don’t write about serums a lot here: I just don’t have the money to be throwing at specialised treatments. Luckily, nice brands sometimes send me things to try, which means I get to do the testing part and you get to do the ‘making informed decisions about where you put your money’ part. Here are two natural serums that tick three major boxes for me: a) functional, b) affordable, and c) New Zealand made!

Linden Leaves natural serum

Linden Leaves Porcelain Brightening Serum*, $59.99 NZD
I know sixty dollars feels like a lot, but when my favourite fancy serum from Eve Lom costs $212 NZD, this one is much more reasonable. It’s a brightening serum, so it targets dark spots and pigmentation, and generally makes your skin more radiant. ‘Radiant skin’ is one of those marketing phrases, I know, but a highly moisturising serum packed with natural antioxidants (white tea!) will actually do a thing to your skin. I promise.

Labonic natural serum

La’Bonic Organic Sebum-Balancing Serum*, $39.50 NZD
This guy is only forty dollars, and is one of La’Bonic’s best selling products. It’s a thin clear gel that contains tea tree oil and chamomile, both of which have soothing and balancing effects on the skin. I am a really oily-faced girl and including this in my routine at night helps prevent me waking up totally slick-skinned. I have a bit of trouble with pure facial oils, as they upset my skin, so if you’re the same then this is a more gentle option.

Do you use a serum? Do you find it makes a difference to your skin?

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  • Rosy

    Hi Morgan. Thank you for your post, the last weekend I saw the first serum in a pharmacy and I was curious about it.
    Time ago I used the Idealist Even Skintone of Estee Lauder, I hated it because I didn’t see any changes in my skin. It was a waste of money.

    • Thanks for your comment, Rosy! The whole world of serums can be very intimidating, so I hope this has been helpful! What specific skin concerns do you have? I may be able to recommend some others for you too!

      • Rosy

        Thank you Morgan. Well I have oily and prone acne skin 😀 I am new in NZ and I would like to know more local brands.

        • If your skin is receptive to oils, you could try the Divine face oil from Antipodes or the Trilogy Rosehip oil. If you feel like oils will tend to break you out, I’d recommend the Antipodes Apostle serum. Natio is another affordable brand. New Zealand certainly has no shortage of natural skincare!

  • Elese

    I go for the Korean serums because often you can get a similar or better product for half the price! xx

    • Thanks for the tip! Are there any you’d particularly recommend for oily skin?

      • Laura Curwood

        Ooooh Yes I want to know too! Otherwise I’ll be trying out that Sebum balancing serum – sounds perfect for me!

  • Toni Murray

    I have the same problem with things like Rosehip oil (I thought I was the only one in the world haha) Makes it difficult when rose hip oil makes acne scars less noticeable, but when said oil makes you breakout more your in a lose lose situation, so these two sound like great options. Plus having oily skin as well, I feel like I can trust your opinion that much more. Slick faces unite!

    • Kathleen Sircombe

      This is so me! I found that rosehip breaks me out horribly, but I still want the benefits of an oil or serum. I don’t have oily skin, but I have young skin which is prone to breaking out 🙁