LIFE | #feministmakeupping


Quick post today because I have had a mega busy week, and am going to be even busier this weekend: running our first ever #feministmakeupping event. Vee had the great idea of taking the tumblr tag #feministmakeupping offline and making it into a fun and inclusive afternoon of makeup and discussion about where makeup intersects with feminism. Because I’m a big feminist and fairly capable at organising events I volunteered to help her out. Details below!

The event is in Wellington in the Dance Studio at Toi Poneke on Abel Smith Street. There will be snacks and makeup and conversation and great people and a good time! The rest of the details are on the Facebook event, so please RSVP there if you’re planning on coming.

If the event is successful (which I am sure it will be!) we’ll look at putting it on in other places. I’ll definitely make a post about it afterwards, too!

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  • Lena

    *cough auckland cough please*