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empties_Orly_Bioderma_Artiste_Brush_Cleaner I’ve been diligently saving up my beauty-related rubbish for another ‘Products I’ve Used Up’ post, and although the skincare to makeup ratio in this post is a little high, now is the time for me to tell you how I felt about these things and then chuck them in the recycling. There are a lot of staples in this post so it’s a good way for you guys to get an idea of what kind of stuff I use on a daily basis. empties_Orly_Bioderma_Artiste_Brush_Cleaner The ORLY Nail Lacquer Remover, non-acetone gentle formula was about ten dollars from Farmers, lasted quite a while and did a decent job of removing nail polish. I’ve repurchased other brands since this one and I don’t think it is the best available in this price range. This mini Bioderma Sensibio H20 was my first try of the ~cult product~. As a daily makeup remover it’s great and non-irritating, and my favourite part is that it removes Benefit’s They’re Real mascara without a problem. I have already purchased a bigger one of these from Escentual. I used to use the Artiste Brush Cleaner for spot-cleaning my brushes, but at $20 for 100ml of isopropyl alcohol with a touch of fragrance, I won’t be buying it again. It’s cheaper to buy iso from a pharmacy or TradeMe. empties_Skindinavia_Diorshow This is it for makeup in this post, and oh wow look it’s mostly eyebrow pencils! What a surprise. The Sephora retractable brow pencil in honey blonde, Maybelline Define-A-Brow and MAC Eye Brows in Brunette all do pretty much the same thing, but I found both the Maybelline and MAC pencils a little too warm for my preference. I’m now an Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade convert, so at the moment these pencils haven’t been replaced. The Diorshow mascara is really, really good. It lengthens your lashes and adds natural-looking volume, I think partially because the brush is so damn big. It’s not a real BAM mascara but good for every day – the only issue is how much it costs. When mascara has a life expectancy of three months, it’s a little painful to spend NZ $63 per tube. Yes, that is how much this costs in New Zealand. This mini Skindinavia Original Makeup Setting Spray had a good run and I’m nearly at the bottom of another, bigger bottle. I use this every day on my skin, either directly over foundation or after powdering. I have oily skin and my base tends to scoot around a bit on top of it by the end of the day, but this definitely extends the wear time by a few hours. empties_Trilogy_Very_Gentle_Cleansing_Cream It’s hard to give up on a good thing, which is why I keep repurchasing the Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing Cream. I’ve got another one of these on the go as well, although I’ve been switching it up a little lately. This cleanser is great, non-irritating and also does a good job of removing makeup in a pinch. Farmers often has Trilogy on offer, so I try to pick up several at once – when I can afford it. It’s $44 for 150ml and their regular cream cleanser is $25 for 100ml, so it’s times like these I am not particularly stoked on having sensitive skin, but there you go. empties_Mac_Oil_Control_Lotion MAC Oil Control Lotion has been a stalwart morning moisturiser for me for a long time, although again lately I’ve switched to La Roche-Posay. It’s light and dries quickly but it doesn’t have SPF, which is a bit annoying. I buy the small tubes because they’re $10 USD for 30ml, whereas a big tube is $32 USD for 50ml. MAC has to know this doesn’t make sense, surely? empties_Antipodes_Rejoice Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream, contrary to the name, goes on my face at night. These things happen when you have oily and sensitive skin. It smells delicious as fuck but it costs $56 so, you know, it better. I haven’t found anything I like more to put on my face at night so this one has stayed in rotation. empties_Rexona_EOS_Shave_Cream Last up are the products for hairy spots. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sweaty girl so I have to use the hard-out antiperspirant – anything less and you’d rather not know me, I suspect. Rexona Clinical Protection is quite expensive (comparatively; it’s about $15 from the supermarket) but functional. The EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Shave Cream has been languishing empty in the bottom of my shower for a while. If it was easier to get in New Zealand I would have replaced it already, but instead I’ve just been using shower gel to shave my legs. If I shave my legs – it doesn’t happen much. Have you tried any of these products? And, do you have a good, reasonably-priced night cream to recommend?

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  • Georgina

    I don’t really mind the Artiste Brush Cleaner.. probably because I get a bottle for free every time i buy a brush at farmers. It’s not the best of cleaners but it does the trick!

    • That’s a good idea, I forgot they usually have deals on Artiste stuff! I’ve actually got a review of some Artiste brushes coming soon too.

  • Lena

    I have that brush cleaner, and like you said it’s a rip off. I got mine from Beauty Review though, so I’m glad I didn’t pay money for it. I like looking at all your fancy skincare products, I feel fancy by association even though I mostly use supermarket products. I use a Nivea naturals night cream that I won from a blog giveaway, it’s nice but nothing to rave about really.

  • I adore the Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing Night Cream — black lid, grey jar. It’s not greasy in the slightest, light texture, and I wake up with really soft skin. I also really liked the Antipodes Avocado Pear night cream but as you say, it’s not cheap. Currently I’m liking the Plantae line, but that’s a similar price point to Antipodes.

    • I haven’t really looked at the Olay range, I might have to give it a try! Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Steph Hicks

    When you say you’ve switched from the MAC Oil Control Lotion to La Roche-Posay, what product do you use?