LIFE | (Excellent) things I wrote elsewhere


I’ve been disliking my job this week (what else is new?) so I poured my energy into other things: planning, writing, taking care of some things for #feministmakeupping and more writing. I covered a fashion show for Thread and have a new post up on Ezibuy.

On Thursday night I attended the media preview fashion show for New Zealand Eco Fashion Exposed. Georgia joined me and took some awesome photos while I was writing notes for my coverage for Thread. You can read about it here! The picture at the top of this post is of Wellington designer Amelia Boland‘s gorgeous leather bags. I need that barrel bag immediately.

pink lipstick

I also wrote about wearing bold lipstick to work on the Ezibuy blog. I’ve always believed that for something to be ‘work appropriate’ all you have to do is wear it to work. More pictures and words here. I will have another post up on Hyacinth Girl about this makeup look soon too.

I’m writing this at Olive while waiting for Callum to join me for our Sunday brunch date. I am very hungry and have been tempted to order myself brunch without him… but I couldn’t do that. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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