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Ooh, fancy bath salts. Roques O’Neil Therapie Himalayan Detox bath salts*, to be specific. If it’s possible for bath salts to be famous on the internet (the relaxing kind of bath salts, not the rampaging and cannibalism-inducing bath salts) these are the ones. I’m overlooking the fact that these salts are alleged to counteract the electro-magnetic energy we absorb from modern day gizmos – you can believe that if you want, but I’ll openly call you a fruitcake if you do.

Regardless, they’re nice bath salts, apparently. I despise taking baths because they’re always too hot and then they’re suddenly too cold and the whole time you’ve been sitting in your own muck. Not everyone feels this way, so I passed some of these salts onto two deserving colleagues at work to test for me, and you. Here are their thoughts.


I share a flat with several flatmates, so I usually forgo a bath (as much as I love them) for the humble shower. Just the act of running a bath and hijacking the main bathroom is a luxury itself; add to that the bath salts and I am one happy girl.

As I write this I am pausing to stroke my hands and face, my skin is almost humming after a long hot soak in Roques O’Neil Therapie’s Himalayan Detox Salts. After decanting the Detox Salts, a sweet rose scent hit the air. This was like a surprisingly fresh burst of rose petals, which just happens to be a favourite scent of mine.

I like my baths super-hot – almost scalding – and pretty much only turning the cold tap on at the end of running the bath to help me ease into the water.  The salts had melted by the time I was soaking so there wasn’t any grittiness. I noticed that the sensitive skin on the backs of my legs and armpits felt a little tingly with the salts – verging on stingy, but the sensation didn’t last. I’m imagining that freshly shaved skin could feel tinglier and maybe a little stingy, but I wouldn’t let that put you off.

Epsom salts have magnesium which helps with muscle aches, so I thought it would be beneficial to bath after a sweaty dance practise, and I wasn’t wrong either. Because of the salts my muscles feel like I’ve warmed down properly which is important in this chilly winter season. I’ve always preferred to use salts in baths over bath-bombs too, as it feels like you can get more of a health benefit from all the natural minerals.

The yummy rose scent sets these Detox Salts apart, and the softness of my skin makes me feel pampered and relaxed. I can think of a heap of good reasons to give them as gifts, they seem designed to make people remember why they love having a bath. I’m Just about ready for a snooze now… feeling great.


For someone who owns a bath I can’t remember the last time I had one (don’t get me wrong I love my showers!) I think I’ve only ever used bath salts once before when I was pregnant with my first child, which was so many years ago. I received a packet of Therapie bath salts from the lovely Morgan Ashworth and it was perfect timing as I play club netball on Saturdays. As a busy mum it’s about finding the right time to take a bath, because my kids are always at my beckoning call. Luckily my husband and kids were out for the afternoon. If there was one word to comment on this experience, the word would be ‘blissful’. I would totally use them again and I definitely recommend them to anyone, I felt clean, refreshed and my body felt so relaxed especially straight after a physical game of netball. My son commented later during the evening that I smelt nice. Thanks Morgan.

Thanks Anna and Arawhetu for taking one for the team (very unpleasant I know) and testing those out for me, and thanks to Clemency Alice for giving us a chance to try them. One thing to note: apparently you’re meant to use a very generous handful of these salts in your bath, and I think I only gave them a normal handful each. This may have decreased the efficacy of the salts, but judging by A & A’s reviews, they still seem to do a thing and make your bath nice. Keep an eye out for the rest of the products in the Therapie Discover Me kit which may appear on Hyacinth Girl in one way or another soon.

What do you think about “detox” products, that claim to purge your body like this? Are you as skeptical as I am?

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  • Lena

    I am deeply skeptical of anything that’s supposed to detox you, but the bath salts sound like they’re nice, so I would probably use them anyway.

  • I actually have a packet of these around from a blog comp I won last year. Still haven’t used them! Like you, I’m pretty skeptical about anything that claims to “detox” you through the skin, but bath products are always lovely to try. If you like baths. Which you don’t.

    • I feel like I’m really missing out by not liking baths, but every time I try again and think ‘maybe I will like it this time’, I still hate it!
      You’ll have to give yourself time to have a relaxing evening soon and try them out.

  • punkdinosaur

    I hated baths until recently. Kinda fun to pretend that you’re a sea monster waiting to unleash death and destruction to the seas… or that your body are islands and your wild body hair are mangrove forests… or that you are an Egyptian mummy being embalmed. I even stretch and do exercises in the bath. Call me bonkers but baths are a form of self-love to me.

    • Stretching in the bath is a good idea! I’m sick at the moment and I actually felt like I wanted to have a bath for the first time in a long time. But I don’t have a tub so I couldn’t!