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It’s Sunday and here are some excellent things from the internet this week. Oh, sorry, I mean the Internet, or preferably, the World Wide Web. (When I was doing library studies, every time I wrote ‘the internet’ it got corrected to ‘the World Wide Web’. Clearly my tutors were living in 1999.)

If you didn’t already recognise them, the girls in the picture above are from the Baby-Sitters Club – my favourite fictional friends for as long as I could read chapter books. In Year 2, my school librarian wouldn’t let me borrow the real BSC series, only the Little Sister books, because I wasn’t old enough. Pretty soon after that my Mum moved me to a better school. Nicole Dieker has written a really interesting series on The Billfold about where the BSC members are now and how they do money. It’s definitely worth a read.


I’ve been coveting the bathroom makeover that Daniel from Manhattan Nest did in Ana Gasteyer’s house. Not least because of that awesome bold pineapple print wallpaper. As it happens, my bathroom is somewhat out of action currently (the shower has been ripped out entirely and I had to shower at work yesterday morning, which was weird). This is not helping my desire for a beautiful lavish bathroom, complete with fold out vanity desk and crystal chandelier.

This week Brittany Balyn uploaded a video of her putting makeup on while her boyfriend was driving them around offroad in the desert. Watch it, she’s great, and I can’t be the only one who cringed massively when she pulled out her eyelash curler.

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  • The Babysitters Club <3 <3
    Also I love Ana Gasteyer, but even more so now that I know that is her bathroom wallpaper.
    Am in a cafe at the moment but looking forward to watching the video when I'm not in public pretending to be working….

    • I found out recently there was a TV series made of the BSC, as well as the movie. Still trying to hunt it down online so I can watch it! The mysteries were the best imo

  • The only word I can think of for that bathroom makeover is fabulous, haha! Love this kind of post <3
    I haven't watched that video, but please tell me the eyelash curler part goes okay?!

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    • It does! She even curls her bottom eyelashes with it. And in the end her makeup is surprisingly good, you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell she did it while offroading!